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Exploring the Legacy of a Vintage Sharp Watch

Today, I stumbled upon a Sharp watch Ref No SHP5744 245 that caught my attention with its unique features - a black bezel, a 100-meter water resistanc...

Discovering Seiko’s Stylish GMT Watches Review

As I’m considering buying a Seiko GMT watch, I like what Seiko’s Seiko 5 Sports Field collection offers. The SSK023 and SSK025 models, replacing the o...

Exploring the Martin Design Regulator: A Timeless Blend of Style and Precision Review

I recently acquired the Martin Design Regulator and am thoroughly impressed with it. From the moment I saw it, I could tell that this was more than ju...

Martin Design Regulator

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commented on Happy 40th Birthday to me ·

Please enjoy the day and congratulations. Well done.

commented on What's Your 4 Watch Travel Comb? ·

Sure, here are the watches for travel:

1. Rolex GMT Master II “Pepsi”

2. Seiko Mega Quartz Sport Watch

3. Driver’s Watch (e.g., Tag Heuer Monaco)

4. Tank-Style Watch (e.g., Cartier Tank Solo)

Each of these watches serves a specific purpose and adds versatility to my travel essentials.

commented on Is Quartz movement shit ?? ·

I truly admire mechanical watches, especially automatics, for their craftsmanship and the smooth motion of the second hand. I also value quartz watches for their reliability. Each watch in my collection has its own story and style. Automatics and quartz watches both play important roles in my collection, reflecting my passion for watches.

commented on State of the 62mas Collection ·

Wow, you really love Seiko watches! Having 23 Seikos is quite impressive and shows how passionate you are about them. I also own a Seiko watch, but compared to you, I'm just a beginner. Maybe it's time for me to explore more and add another Seiko to my collection!

commented on AeonMvmnt's WRUW ·

The scrap was actually more expensive than the watch.

commented on AeonMvmnt's WRUW ·

Appreciated Doc

commented on Exploring the Legacy of a Vintage Sharp Watch ·

Thank you, my friend!

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