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7.00” / 17.78 cm Wrist
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Best new diver

68 votes ·

New zenith diver

At watches and wonders Zenith dropped a new dive watch: the defy extreme diver. And I am in love! Can my afford it and won’t be able to for quite a wh...

Should the new Tudor GMT have a cyclops

A cyclops helps make the date more readable by magnifying it
109 votes ·

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commented on My thoughts on Tudors work this year ·

So am I

commented on The Tudor black bay 58 gmt ·

There is still time at watches and wonders for them to drop some more watches so we can still hope

commented on You tell me ·

Yes you already have an splendid collection and a white speedmaster is a must have and would really decorate your collection

commented on Not My Norm: Laco 42.5mm Manual ·

It looks Amazing on your wrist it Would go grate with a cram colored botton shirt or a cream trench coat

commented on Birthday Watch ·

Explorer 2 for sure

commented on Looking at 2 watches, which one? ·

You can’t compare the black bay 54 with the sea lander there is a 1500$ price gap

commented on Will the Milgauss be re-introduced on W&W 2024? ·

I would love to see it back

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My thoughts on Tudors work this year

Tudor just revealed their new watches and I have some thoughts: The GMT: is cool and there was a much needed upgrade for tudors gmt game and we sure g...

Best new Tudor watch

Pretty decent this year but nothing to crazy. But what do you like the most
180 votes ·

The Tudor black bay 58 gmt

I was reloading the Tudor website and frantically waiting to see the new watches. Everyone online was predicting that Tudor would release new chronogr...

What is the most iconic Casio

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What affordable Japanese watch band is the best

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