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anonwatchguy8 ·

Mod My SKX Pt. 1: Bezel Insert

I‘ll have my WatchCrunch designed SKX013 (from my options given) by the end of this little series I’m doing. Trying to add conservative choices along with choices that would completely change the watc...
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victor ·

Tools to open rolex-style caseback

Hi guys, I've bought one of these NH35-based AliExpress special awhile back hoping to open it up to play with the movement. But for the life of me, I...
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robwei ·

Do you repair/ service/ modify your watches?

Just curious
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tonmed ·

G Shock Modding

Ive been watching alot of videos lately on how to mod GShocks. Ive been toying with my square face for a while and just havent found the right look fo...
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36mmPlease ·

Yobokies website question— feels shady!

Hi! I was about to buy a dial for a project i’m working on from the yobokies website. When I was finishing the order, it is sending me an email to the...
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Jewbaka ·

What's the best size and why is it 36mm?

Happy autumnal jacket season ya'll.
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mjosamannen ·

Help!! Super slow/sticky bezel...

This was my first watch and now it belongs to my son. But I was wondering if there is a way to make the bezel a bit smoother. It's pretty slow and sti...
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Im in love with the speedy

Man I love the 3861. Has anyone put the chronoscope clasp on theirs?
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Human_Probably ·

Lume Mod

I’m about to try out a lume mod on this MRW-200H wish me luck!
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VictorAdameArt ·

Watch/Modding Kit Sale For Charity!

EDIT: SOLD Hello again watchcrunchers! While the auction for my Mr Jones watch is going on I decided to make a direct sale this time, $80 usd for a vo...
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