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Clockmakers' Museum London

In January I took a much-needed day off. I had a 'John Day,' to slowly go about whatever I wanted to do instead of work. I'll book a day to do somethi...

First Watch Build

I built a NamokiMod kit and am overall pleased with the result. It was a fun learning experience and great to make something that works and ticks! I b...

Watchmaking journey

So, my kids gave me a little kick to start on a journey of watch making. As a mechanical engineer there was a bit of a natural draw. They got me a kit...

Vintage Timegrapher

I received this little lot as a gift yesterday. The Tickoskop is a timegrapher from 1961. I was told that the Greiner next to it was from the 1970s. A...

Watchmaker ruined my watch

This is my grandfathers watch which I serviced a month ago because it was not working. It was serviced by a local watchmaker who owns a shop and it ke...

How to properly use springbar tweezers!

This expensive tool is often cited as necessary and the best but can be confusing or frustrating to use without a little guidance. The springbar tweez...

Watch Tools

Whats the most frequently used tool in your setup other than the universal strap removal tool? Also what is the most unrecognized savior tool in your...

What are the tools every watch enthusiast should have?

What are the tools each watch enthusiast should have? As a watchmaker and a brand owner I've handled a lot of watches and used a lot of different tool...

Tools Every Watch Enthusiast Should Have: Part 1 — Orion Watches

The Clockmakers of London

Stumbled upon this museum exhibit as part of The London Science Museum oddly. Fascinating history starting and examples of incredible watches, pocket...

Watchmaking... is it too risky to try on my watches?

Since I stared this journey, I found myself watching a lot of youtube videos of watchmakers servicing and restoring movements. I decided early on that a least would change batteries when needed. My wa...
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