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Restoration of the Pulp Fiction watch

Hi everyone maybe some of you already know my YouTube-Channel "Red Dead Restoration". I麓m restoring old things, mostly watches. This is the first of (...
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Its here somewhere

I'm going to have to build a white cubicle to put these together in. 馃
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2nd dumpster watch rebuild video

Hi there Crunchers! 2nd video of the dumpster watch rebuild video is live on YT. I show how to polish tarnished gold plated hands, how to redo Lume an...
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Mechanical Watch

I'm sure some of you have seen this already but I just noticed in hackernews a great description of how mechanical watches work: https://ciechanow.ski...
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How Do You Store Your Extra Bracelet Links?

As the title states, how do you store the extra links from your watch bracelet after you size your watch to your wrist? A simple question that has no...
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first time repairing a watch

A Junghans from ~1925/26 with a J32 caliber. Unfortunatly i've to replace the balance staff, since a pivot is broken, and you can't find complete bala...
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First (non Omega rip off) concept render under new brand!

So I've been experimenting for years, trying to find my own design language - at one point I had an entirely different development project under a sep...
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Found it, no that's just dirt

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Seiko Frankenwatch rebuild

Some before and after pics of a dumpster watch I recently rebuilt. Internals were rusted to bits and oh boy, that case was hideous (even when new lol)...
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first self serviced watch

came in on friday as a non-runner did run a bit, but low amplitude after servicing it looks way better 馃榾
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