Uncomplicated things

One of the reasons why I strayed away from chronographs was due to a decrease of my interest in complicated dials. It's just a symptom that with age I...

124270 - a week on the wrist

As with my NWA last week I doubt if I am adding anything new to the story of the Rolex Explorer, but at least it is the opinion of a "normal" person (...

If boredom was a country my San Martin “absolutely not Explorer” could have been its ambassador.

When I look at my watches, the San Martin SN021-G distinguish itself by being the most boring with its drab painted dial and its uninspiring overall d...

Keep or sell the Tudor?

I am constantly finding myself comparing the Ranger with my Explorer, but cannot make up my mind if I want to sell the Ranger or not? They are very si...

Visiting My Old Stomping Grounds | Naval Submarine Base, Groton, CT

Not really watch related, but might be interesting to some. It's always great walking down memory lane, especially when you literally get to walk thro...

NWA: Rolex Explorer II 16570 Polar Swiss Only

My first Rolex😍 I'm happy to finally add this piece to my collection! The wearability, comfort and design is just stunning.

Unpopular but honest opinion

Both the Nivada Super Antarctic and the Smiths Everest are amazing watches with heritage, cool vintage design and great build quality! No doubt! but.....

Perfect 2 Watch Collection ?!?!

If I only had these two watches I would be happy. I feel like it covers all bases. From morning gym to watching a friend play rugby this afternoon. Wh...

Favorite travel watch?

No matter what, I need a drink before getting on a flight. Doesn't matter whether the flight is three hours or 12 hours long, or how good the airline...

SOTC - Looks like I need a bigger watchbox

I’ve been collecting for a good few years, and have been mostly refining these six box slots to be closer to my ideal collection. Now, the point has b...