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Damn you, Christopher Ward

When I picked up my Explorer last November I tried on the ADs exhibition white Explorer II. While I loved the design and dial of that watch I didn't l...

Size is an illusion

Two photos: the same camera, the same watch, the same wrist, the same day. The one on the right is how you see your watch, the one on the left is how...

SOTC 2023

Although I sensed a bit of a recent backlash against SOTC posts, I thought I would chance it. If you aren't interested, don't read any more. This is m...

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commented on Are mechanical watches a thing of the past? ·

No, you are better than that, you are classio.

commented on What’s you camping combo? ·

I don't do camping, but if I did ....

commented on Longines Conquest 38mm ·

It looks great in photos, I'll hopefully be trying one on next week to see if it looks as good on the wrist. I'm particularly taken with the green dial variant.

commented on Will Peteo Get a Rolex?? Ep. 2 ·

We have the same diameter wrist. I have tried on the current 42mm Polar Exp 2 twice and both times I decided it was too big. The first time was before I bought my Explorer 36mm and the second time was afterwards. I bought a 39mm white dial Christopher Ward C63 Sealander GMT to scratch the Exp 2 itch until Rolex see sense and release a 40mm or 39mm version (I want the new indices and hands of the current version). The 36mm Explorer was always my first choice for my first Rolex and I think it is the perfect size as well as being a much more versatile watch than the Exp 2.

commented on ghaigh's WRUW ·

Absolutely. I also have a Type B but I much prefer the A

commented on watchguard77's WRUW ·

Stay strong and wishing you a speedy recovery.

commented on Wife gave me the green light to buy my next piece! But there’s an asterisk… ·

$1k is a significant part of the Mark XX you really want. Keep saving rather than buying something you don't actually want, especially if you are having to ask other people what you should buy.

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124270 - a week on the wrist

As with my NWA last week I doubt if I am adding anything new to the story of the Rolex Explorer, but at least it is the opinion of a "normal" person (...

Christmas came early this year

Nine weeks ago I registered my interest in a 36mm Explorer with the two ADs closest to me. Much to my surprise, on Sunday I got "the call" from one of...

Comment contraction.

Can this be disabled to just show all the comments?

Filling an Explorer shaped hole

I thought I'd like an Explorer but two local ADs couldn't (or wouldn't) give me any idea of how long the wait would be and there is no way I'm paying...

I must stop buying Laco Fliegers :-)

I already have a Type B Aachen on a brown strap and a Type A Augsburg Blaue Stunde on a bracelet but there was just something about the orange Neapel...

Another brilliant Baltany

After the demise of my venerable Tissot PR50 and replacing it with a SeaStar I didn't have a dress watch in my collection. While the occasions that I...