DemonBoi85 ·

Used and abused

Just joined this community, first watch forum I've ever joined. Strong believer in wearing your watches, no safe queen's in my collection 😤
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KiwiWayne ·

I got “the” call

I struggled a little whether to share this or not given the frustration and anger that exists across the community about Rolex - but I wanted to prese...
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djole_993 ·

Collection favorite 🤩

Adorable Rolex GMT II Batman 💥💯 Which is your favorite rolex model?
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Pascal ·

Collecting Rolex

Hey, my name is Pascal and I am addicted. I am a Rolex fanboy. I tried once not to be. It all started in December 2017, I bought my first Rolex, the A...
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dinkoz88 ·

Do your watches remind you of your pets?

Proud cat dad to a ginger + white short hair and black + white long hair. My CHNR reminds me of the ginger due to the hues in the Everose Gold and bro...
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Bsblaw ·

The First Rolex GMT Master II

Bottom-line Buy this watch if... You enjoy the process of wading through the idiosyracies of the vintage Rolex world, leading up to an informed purcha...
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eliamathias ·

Realistic expectations?

Good morning everyone! I finally put my name down for a GMT Master II Pepsi on Jubilee after all. Now: The lady at the AD was incredibly friendly and...
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Jamair23 ·

Sporting the Red White and Blue GAME DAY!!! 2022 NFL Superbowl 😎

Don't really have a team to route for. But, if I had to choose LET'S GO LA🤙🏽
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allthegearandnoidea ·

LHD GMT Master 2 - Thoughts?

Ummm. I'm a bit lost for words. Would someone like to say something?
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Rolexahoma ·

Green shot through the heart

That green GMT hand might as well have been Cupid's arrow because I fell for Rolex. Hard. Little did I know when I bought my 116710LN in 2014 that I g...
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