buettner ·

Incoming - Going from OF 116519 to full metal 116509

After a little over a year with the 116519, white gold Daytona on oyster flex with silver panda dial, I decided to make the move to the full bracelet...
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C_on_G ·

Omega Reverse Panda vs Rolex Daytona Panda. Which would you pick based on look?

I am feeling the Omega more but what about you?
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harrisc852 ·

Let’s see some lume shots

Gotta love the blue lume on 116500LN 🐼. Let’s see some beautiful lumes here :
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partha25 ·

Top Classic iconic watch

Let’s find the classic watch of each brand in your opinion
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thekris ·

**** you Tudor

Why do you have to ruin my life? Oh sure, things started off innocently enough. You were so attentive, asking me what I might like. To which I replied...
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Velomax ·

What do you think of this offering from Rolex?

ROLEX Cosmograph Daytona Chronograph Automatic Chronometer Diamond Black Dial Watch $143,550.00 Roger Federer wore this watch to Wimbledon
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JourneID ·


Have a great day all! 👊🏾 for you Brian! @Omeganut 🍻
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violanime ·

How much would you pay for Rolex steel sports?

If you disregard hype, INVESTMENT POTENTIAL, gray market/preowned prices, and retail price, what is the most you would pay for each of these sports mo...
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underdog.watches ·

🪜 🕰 ClassiC

Daytona killer?
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morganthedruid ·

The Daytona or 5711 of beers.

This is a bottle of KBBS or Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout brewed by Toppling Goliath Brewing Company in Iowa. It is the top rated beer in the world on B...
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