rushman ·

Breitling Superocean 44

Stock image taken from TAG’s website… This has been my obsession of late. My first love was (surprisingly) not a Rolex Submariner but the Rolex Sea Dw...
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harrisc852 ·

Pre-ceramic Sea Dweller

Love the days when Rolex made some of the most robust and iconic tool watches that were more functional than flashy. What do you prefer, the pre-ceram...
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SnowPanda ·

Found these 2 baddies at Frankfurt (layover)

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TypicalAsian ·

How safe is wearing a luxury watch in your city?

I’d say it’s pretty safe here in HK. It’s either pocket picking (aiming for small), or a huge robbery (at watch dealers), but that doesn’t happen ofte...
24 345
ItsDave ·

Exploring this view

Favorite watch, favorite view.
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TheLeftyWatchNerd ·

Trying to improve my "glamour shot"

The post from @anonymouswatchguy has inspired me to take this picture. Still needs improvement, but there it goes. Have a nice week WatchCrunchers! 💪🏻
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joetaylor ·

Rolex Submariner Watch Strap Question?

Hi all 👋 I have for the first time purchased a new watch strap for my Submariner 124060. The new Sub has a 21mm lug width as apposed to 20mm for the p...
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Val4930 ·

Service dial

Good evening, guys! I finally acquired one of my dream watch which is the 18k solid Rolex datejust 16018. However, when I received the watch, I’ve not...
0 375 ·

Gevril 37mm Classic 🌳

Love the vintage size of this piece. Smaller watches are truly timeless and classic 🕰⏳ 2 reasons why I love watches… 1. all the memories it carries 2....
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mjosamannen ·

The Tracksuit and Rolex Look 🙈

There is few things more douchey than the Rolex/Tracksuit look. But it makes for a wonderful contrast, just like wearing a sporty watch with a real po...
19 237
Stevenrharris ·

Collection so far, where to go next ?

Hey all so got to this point with my collection, happy so far but not sure where to go next or whether to pause for a bit and wait to see how the mark...
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mpower5266 ·

2/28/22 WOTD

Another loaner from my buddy, but this one may be staying. Hes offered it to me at a great price but I would need to sell my bb58, so Im on the fence....
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grailtimepieces ·

Do You Think Watches are Investments?

It seems like the question "Are watches investments?" is very polarizing. If I'm being completely honest, I don't know why. IMO, watches can be great...
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