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Selling my Longines Hydroconquest w/ box and papers

Message me if interested


A viewer of my YouTube channel let me borrow this Le Jour coral diver so I had a few weeks with it and I am really impressed with what they were able...

Who is your favorite female watch influencer

487 votes

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WatchandUnwindOffical commented on WatchandUnwindOffical's WRUW

She blasted it because she鈥檚 afraid you were going to get at tree toon from other women with that outfit

WatchandUnwindOffical commented on Are you spoiling yourself or someone else this year?

My one year old daughter is getting soiled

WatchandUnwindOffical commented on My 14-year-old is playing the game seriously

When I was 14 I begged my parents for like 5 dollars a month so I could get a Big Mac

WatchandUnwindOffical commented on Scratches on new watch

I鈥檇 take the money and call it a day

WatchandUnwindOffical commented on Mark of Character?


WatchandUnwindOffical commented on WatchandUnwindOffical's WRUW

You have half of the equation down now you just need the watch. It is honestly my favorite watch and the only one I want to wear when I open my box. You can wear this watch every day of your life for any occasion or activity and then pass it on to your kids. I might sell off the rest of my watches because there is no other watch to choose if given the choice to wear this. I hope your able to realize your dream watch one day

WatchandUnwindOffical commented on Visit to a Rolex AD

Good choice, got to get on the list to beat the list so get on it nice and early. The fact they had all 3 models in case to even see is a good thing and really a year wait is not bad at all, could even take less time. Just keep stopping in time by time or follow up with text messages just to say hi it sounds like they like you. I was able to get multiple Rolex now with no other purchase history. They even offered me a sprite gmt without me asking for one but I was sleeping when they called and missed out

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Would you ever sell your entire collection for just one watch?

I have a decent collection I have built up for myself. I have 12ish or so watches that I am down sizing into 4-5 main watches. My collection is curren...

What鈥檚 your biggest watch mistake?

I slept through getting a Rolex GMT sprite at retail

Review of Artem鈥檚 new HydroFlex strap!!!!

Almost at 2k subs on YouTube LFG

I鈥檓 creeping in at 2k subs on YouTube this will be a big milestone for me. I started my channel out of fun and to get to chance to possibly play with...

Rolex OP 41 Green dial


Selling my RM homage

If anyone is interested I am selling this RM homage got 150 plus shipping or best offer. Cool watch for the money and it retails for 499