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Kickstarting the day with a Kickstarter Yema

This steel and bronze Yema was bought through one of Yema Kickstarter crowd funding campaigns, so it's numbered and also hold a special place in my co...
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Arctic toughness

The marathon MSAR is kind of an oddity, both in concept and as an item in my collection. Where other watches are trying to catch the eye of the potent...
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It's freezing outside so I just made a quick dash to confirm that the GW-M5610U is still square, still perfect and still able to withstand the element...
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Catskinner commented on Rolex COPIES Depollier, Again ·

To be fair Bausch + Lomb have been engraving their BL on lenses for ages.

Catskinner commented on Rolex Submariner ·

Your cousin is right.

Catskinner commented on Amazing service! ·

This is exactly what happened to my car and the service center fixed it on the spot for free, unfortunately when I mentioned that the heater seems to be a bit weak they found that its radiator was clogged with sediments and needed to be replaced, which wasn't on the spot and was certainly not for free.

I drive a slightly larger version but this is the watch I'm wearing right now, pity that nobody notice it in real life.

Catskinner commented on How many watches REALLY speak to you? ·

My watch is speaking to me in tongues while its bezel is rotating counter clock wise. It must be because of something the cat did while I was asleep.

Catskinner commented on Watches and Fountain Pens, Show me your Photos! ·

The blue dial watch is my bronze Zelos Horizons GMT and you can read the review I published for WatchCrunch here: A Zelos on the horizon: Zelos Horizons GMT v2 review

Catskinner commented on Recent homage of the Ma'anshan Shiba vintage world timer ·

This is really cool.

Catskinner commented on Random Poll: Which movement is better? Explain why in the comments. ·

The NH35 is basically the unbranded 4R35, meaning that the next level of Seiko movements are the 6R serie.

AFAIK Seiko doesn't really have a 1:1 equivalent to the 9XXX movements from Myiota. You need to get to a 6R2X to see the first 28,800 bps movement and they are not common.

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A game of 369 (pt. 3)

The outside is dark, gloomy, cold and rainy and could serve as a background for a gothic horror or one of those Swedish films where the actors just lo...
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Oh that's what happen when there is no AR.

I really thought the almighty could at least get the AR fixed in his sky. Now that world peace and the end of hunger were delegated to the UN and miss...
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A game of 369 (pt. 2)

The second roll of the dices in the 369 game landed with the Smiths Everest on top. It's not really a Smiths and it's never been to the top and theref...
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A game of 369 (pt.1)

I decided to play a little game this week. In the next days I'll wear consecutively each of my Explorer look alike and try to find how they differ fro...
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Magnetic attraction and military compasses

Awakening to a slightly overcast sky and having nothing better to do, I decided to check the magnetization of my Lorier Safari before winding it. Just...
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A white face in the sun

The meteo weather forecast didn't lie to me this time and this morning is both warm and sunny, which made it perfect to indulge outside with a cup of...
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I'm not smart enough for my ProTrek

My PRG-510GB is with me for a long time. Smartwatches and GPS were not very common when I bought it and it was used extensively for hiking and camping...
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