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Hod Hasharon
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The TicTac machine

I was just thinking about “in-house” movements while getting the 710 Amphibia (it’s actually spelled Amfibia in Russian) ready for this day. Some of u...

It’s complicated…

Posting about my Flightmaster just a day after I waxed poetically about the marvels of a simple no date three handed watch will probably make me look...

Uncomplicated things

One of the reasons why I strayed away from chronographs was due to a decrease of my interest in complicated dials. It's just a symptom that with age I...

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Catskinner commented on For god's sake, can we finally put a fork in it? AKA, putting an end to threads about "which watch is a better investment?" or "which watch will hold its value better?" ·

I see that the seasonal influx of people who can't tell the difference between an expense and an investment go to you again.

But this is not important. What I really care about is one short and clear reply: how much for your Scooby Doo lunch pail?

Catskinner commented on The TicTac machine ·

It is indeed a tragedy. My GF is from Ukraine but there was a time when all she consumed was Russian TV and it was 90% talk and game shows, literally the electronic media equivalent of the imperial Roman bread and games strategy to appease the masses. And it had a lot of propaganda for internal consumption masquerading as news.

During one of her rants that were targeted at explaining to me how good it would be under Russian government and how rich the country is with its export of petrodollars, I had enough and started to ask her what kind of cars and appliances are used in Russia, to which she proudly replied with a list of Western, Korean, Chinese and Japanese brands. Let us just say that she didn't appreciate it at all when I tried to explain to her that a country which export resources to buy finished goods is usually called a colony.

Russia had the potential to be a great country. The tragedy is, to paraphrase Shimon Peres, that for the last hundred or so of years they never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

Catskinner commented on JaeBust's WRUW ·

It's definitively among my favorite dials.

Catskinner commented on interesting vostok i got ·

Actually I think that he is a fan of Blancpain.

Catskinner commented on Should I give up my Rolex dreams to buy a motorcycle to ride with my wife. But then have to settle and get a Tudor instead? ·

He would be a fool if he did because a bike riding watch wearing wife is a keeper.


Catskinner commented on Should I give up my Rolex dreams to buy a motorcycle to ride with my wife. But then have to settle and get a Tudor instead? ·

Never settle for less than the best. Get the Rolex and trade the wife.

Catskinner commented on It’s complicated… ·

I think that one day I'll get myself a kinetic or one of those that used a Peltier effect to generate power. These forgotten technologies are something that I find very interesting.

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You can wear a summer watch during winter, but you might not want to do it.

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The sun is shining brightly, it’s time for some sunscreen cream.

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The Dan Henry 1962 is almost my birth year watch, it’s slim, it’s cool looking so why don’t I wear it more often?

This is a question that I often ask myself because the truth is that I kinda like the Dan Henry 1962 quite a lot. First of all, I have to credit its v...