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What strap/bracelet to refresh my Glycine Combat Sub Chronograph?

Hey guys! I haven鈥檛 used this Glycine in several months and I鈥檓 looking to refresh the look. The bracelet is nice and sturdy but has no taper and is quite heavy and kinda looks stale. So i鈥檓 trying th...
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Balthany W10 Tonneau

So lately Ive been very interested in these military watches, and Baltany caught my eye as a great and affordable gateway into these military homage w...

Will Quartz ever make a big comeback in the industry?

Hear me out O Watchcrunchers! Just like you, I鈥檝e been rotating and enjoying my watches, both automatic and quartz. Ive also been inconvenienced by an automatic I鈥檇 like to wear and grab in a hurry bu...
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commented on What strap/bracelet to refresh my Glycine Combat Sub Chronograph?

Thanks! I鈥檝e never tried rubber fkm straps tbh so maybe worth a try!

commented on What kind of jobs/lifestyle do you have that allows you the luxury of buying watches? (Random photo for visibility)

I鈥檓 an attorney. Passed the bar last 2018 and been balancing family and work ever since. Past is private practice and am now in government, so I鈥檓 more attracted to military watches and the like. Had to get a Rolex though because people I deal with only recognize the usual mainstream brands (Rolex Omega Tag and PP/AP 馃槵).

commented on Tag is good 馃憤馃徏

At least for me Tag never left too. That was my first watch gifted to me by my Dad. Junior size Tagheuer Prof 2000. Then a Kirium after that. 馃

But I can鈥檛 lie, I鈥檓 quite happy they鈥檙e creating these great watches like the glassbox chronographs again.

commented on Yes, please

I wish there would be a Toyota 4wd collab thats not the Gshock Mudmaster 馃ゲ

commented on office watches

My Rolex 39 and Cartier Tank is for the office and especially if I have big meetings. But otherwise I rotate with my more fun watches when its mostly office time without outside events or meetings.

commented on Under 2k GMT?

Thanks man 馃榿 I would say the Hyperion is pretty robust and Acrylic has been used fot decades. It wont chunk or shatter like sapphire and scratches can be buffed on the fly with a dab of polywatch. But I haven鈥檛 had any scratches on my acrylics yet tbh.

commented on Recommendations for an "Adventure Watch"

While I own an Explorer 39(and voted explorer), I would recommend something hardy and with an additional complication such as a dive watch like the Submariner instead. You never know when you鈥檒l need the dize bezel to time an event.

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Photography fun

Just sharing these photos of my Japanese Microbrand Naval Watch Co diver 馃榿馃帉. Its a simple no frills diver that runs on the dot accurate and looks co...

Enjoying the vintage watch life with this Nivada, but how much use can it go through?

With these vintage-y watches like my Nivada Quartz skindiver which is circa 1980鈥檚, can it still withstand a good several days of use? Like touring a...

NWA: Vintage 80鈥檚 Nivada Skindiver Quartz

So I got my Nivada Quartz Skindiver with Ref No. 87171. I really hope someone can help me identify this model 馃榿. I removed the leather strap that cam...

Suggestions and your experience for a Mechaquartz 3 hander watch please 馃檹馃檹馃檹

So far the only ones I鈥檝e seen are the Charlie mechaquartz time only ones and the Yema Navygraf quartz. Please if you can suggest any more of these as...

Lorier fought a hard battle at the March Micro Madness. F to pay respect.

Congratulations to @AllTheWatches for hosting such a fun and entertaining microbrand tournament and using it as a platform to broaden our knowledge on...