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Ultimate Bad Boy G-Shock - Gadget King

Just impulse bought the Mudmaster GWG 1000... Got here in 2 days from Japan, it is next level build quality compared to standard G-Shocks, all made in...

New watch day!

Casio G-Shock DW-H5600 , heart rate, Bluetooth, solar... Thought it might be good for the gym and running, so far I'm not digging the functionality, b...

My favorite Daytona...

I'm not really big Daytona fan but I do prefer the steel bezel ones, this is a friends watch from 2015 right before they went ceramic and it still has...

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commented on Worst time for โ€œthe callโ€ ยท

I've think you screwed up, when the Rolex Gods give you the call, you answer... It would have been a perfect wedding gift to commemorate a major milestone...

OP is the most affordable thing you can get from Rolex and they all sell above retail in used condition... Now in reality I would not want to own or wear that pink one, but it does command a big price, almost double MSRP... you could have sat on it for a year while they get you something good like Polar, GMT, or Sub, Datejust 41.

Unless you really wanted that pink dial as a keeper???

Then you could have sold it and made enough to buy the Polar or Sub and kept a good profile and relationship with the AD and not angered the Rolex Gods by being a flipper

commented on One year with my favourite daily driver. ยท

Datejust 41 could be the easy one and done if you had to .. I honestly like the clasp better than the flip lock on my Sub or GMT

commented on I'm wanting some gold. But not blingy gold. Which one? ยท

Omega is way nicer looking than the BB gold imo, but I do love a brown dial...

You should be looking at a two tone Rolex, a Datejust 41 or Submariner two tone black dial ... Rolex makes the best two tone if you don't want too flashy but you want some Gold

I stopped buying multiple of the same watch in different colors, seems kinda redundant and better getting something totally different instead of the same thing over and over

commented on My first Tudor! ยท

Good call, I really like that Tudor a lot and I'm no big fan of the brand save a few models like the Pelagos, the BB Pro, and the BB 36... Sweet pickup

commented on Which one would you add to the collection? ยท

You need both, I just got a GMT grnr grey bezel a couple weeks ago and it's been awesome, but that VC Traditionelle is another one I think is one of the best releases of last year... Or add a Submariner two tone maybe, you definitely need some Gold in your collection

commented on Tobester_McDonkey's WRUW ยท

I'll tell your what, in my picture the grey really stands out.. that's not the case in reality, the grey is hard to see, it looks like a all black bezel in most light, the gold inlay numbers kinda pop out and the grey is hard to notice unless in direct sunlight... Not a complaint I really love the watch, but the grey is not prominent as you might think

commented on Jubilee Stout ยท

Oh yeah , I wouldn't wear this to client meetings because they will think I charge too much if they see the Gold glimmering in the light... I'll stick to my steel Sub no date or Panerai maybe... This piece is for daily wear but not any dirty work or gym, I switch to a G-Shock Master of G for those activites

I'm still in the honeymoon phase so I've been wearing it non stop the last two weeks pretty much, it's a really gorgeous piece... I do like the new steel one too tho with the green GMT hand, but after hitting 40 years old I kinda like a bit of Gold...

Either way I'm done buying anything for a while (I hope)

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New Watch Day

Just added this guy into my small fleet! Deal was to good to pass up, super under rated watch