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Desk diver question

Hi all, I was thiking about wearing my submariner as my daily beater watch. Figured no point sitting in watch winder looking pretty when I paid so muc...
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Rolex Submariner Watch Strap Question?

Hi all 馃憢 I have for the first time purchased a new watch strap for my Submariner 124060. The new Sub has a 21mm lug width as apposed to 20mm for the p...
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Getting me some silly fun?!

I have been wanting something stupid colorful and fun lately! Been looking at the Ocean X Tuttifrutti/rainbow (2 tone馃き) from time to time over the las...
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So, I visited my son at work today...

It was basically a field trip, since he works at a Rolex AD. All of the models he showed me were beautiful in their own right, I thought the Explorer...
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Anyone else into vintage Tudor Subs?

The Rolex/Tudor Submariner is more or less, in my opinion, the perfect watch. I guess it all depends how you define"perfect watch." I got into vintage...
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Desk Diving

This doesn鈥檛 see much underwater action. Like many, it resides in an office trying to avoid my best attempts to soak it in coffee 馃槈. On an Oysterflex-...
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Pre-ceramic Sea Dweller

Love the days when Rolex made some of the most robust and iconic tool watches that were more functional than flashy. What do you prefer, the pre-ceram...
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Favorite place for watch spotting?

Yesterday I spent a good chunk of the day in an airport, and among the sea of apple watches I saw some pretty cool things on the wrists of the people...
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What are your thoughts on the new Rolex with the crown on the left?

I will say i always love the look of Rolex and i think this is pretty cool for right handed watch wearers. if i had the money i would get one just bec...
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How much would you pay for Rolex steel sports?

If you disregard hype, INVESTMENT POTENTIAL, gray market/preowned prices, and retail price, what is the most you would pay for each of these sports mo...
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