casiodean ·

Why won't Rolex make a 38mm datejust?

It seems like the perfect size for everyone, but they just haven't done it. Even a 39mm would be acceptable like some of the Tudors, maybe, but instea...
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baschie ·

Rolex Datejust 41

I want to share with you some pictures of my (first) Rolex Datejust 41 in blue. In my opinion this is a stunning watch and especially the blue dial is...
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Shakespeare ·

The Beatles and Their Watches - Part XI: Yellow Submarine

When it comes to marrying the Beatles with anything kitschy, chances are it is going to involve a yellow submarine. Yellow submarines are ubiquitous e...
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Beeohdee ·

First Rolex | This or That

After a few years of watch collecting, I think its time for me to add an "R" in my collection. My ultimate goal is the GMT Master II, but that's gonna be a long journey. Now I shifted my focus to some...
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TimeJunkie ·

My Wife's Watchbox

My wife enjoys "Borrowing" my watches frequently without notification. She says I am notified when I notice what watch she is wearing. I actually prom...
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DanishIsh ·

Considering a watch that’s older than I am - 1978 DJ36 16014

Love the DJ and wanted to get one for a while. If you have one, how is it to live with day to day? I’d love to see more pics of similar models from th...
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WatchN ·

NWA - Rolex DJ36

Got a message from my AD earlier this week offering me this DJ. It looked much better in person than it did online. it’s not the configuration I reque...
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RickW274 ·

Casio MTP1302PD-2A2V…Hype and here to stay?

Released in Europe and North America in Jan 2023…already upselling on secondhand market 44.2 X 38.5 X 9.2 mm How long will this color be the hype?
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nomateus ·

Today I bought my grail and it was unthinkable for me few years ago that I could..

So today is the day! Rolex Datejust 126234. It's my favourite configuration of fluted bezel, jubilee bracelet, 36mm and silver dial. Love it and will...
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kernit ·

The Cartier De Santos Large Review

I love my Cartier De Santos Large. It’s the perfect blend of classic and sporty. True to its roots, it’s full of history. The shape like a bird’s eye...

Cartier Santos Large

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