clickybezel ·

The last generation 36mm Oyster Perpetuals were better IMO. What do you all think?

The Rolex OP has never really been in the spotlight for the brand until recently with the release of reference 126000 in these striking color options....
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oakenlander ·

Damn it.

Why is it that whenever I see the OP34 in white, I want it... (banner image from @time.cycles instagram)
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mjosamannen ·

Why is "everything" just an Rolex alternative?

I'm pretty sick of hearing this, especially in YouTube-Land. Just because it's round, it tells time and you can wear it on your wrist. I love the new...
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Max ·

SBGW is Grand Seiko's Oyster Perpetual

I've realized that Grand Seiko is taking the OP approach with their SBGW line. But when you look closer, these watches are actually very different in...
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Max ·

Would you rock the OP at retail?

That was the question I set for myself when I borrowed my friend's turquoise OP. It was hard to see past the hype, but here's my attempt!
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partha25 ·

Official Rolex magazine as a gift

These beautiful Rolex magazines were gifted with my new submariner date purchase by Razny Jewelers
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partha25 ·

July 15: the day I bought my hero #submarinerdate

After I got the submariner date 126610ln everything changed. the way I looked at the things and my life. as Kevin O Larry says this will come after li...
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Max ·

Colorful speculation

Friend dropped is this can of worms with me for the week, and I perked up after watching the watchfinder review this week where he called it "The best...
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Cyclopsdom ·

Oyster perpetual

I bought a watch online and don’t like it in person 😞
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shanghaipete ·

Oyster Perpetual vs Datejust

How do people feel about the more simple / clean OP vs the Datejust which I suppose is more typical of the Rolex brand with the date bubble. I persona...
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