36 mm pilot watch IWC, LACO or ARCHIMEDE ?

Hi everybody, I am planning my future watch and would like your opinion 馃槈 I recently sold my IWC mk XVI It was a gorgeous watch but was a little too b...
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New Archimede 200

What do you think about the new Archimede 200 just dropped. 200m WR. Hardened steel Ickler case. Orange or white second hand.
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Which watch?

With no precious metal in sight, neither of these two conforms strictly to dress watch tradition (I am ashamed to confess that the Archimede even has lume!). Nevertheless, with a wedding impending (no...
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My German contingent...

Archimede 1950-3 I love the sterile dial on this. I started out collecting vintage gold dress watches in a very similar style (though a good deal smal...
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Mini-review: Archimede 1950-3

The Archimede 1950-3 does not seek to catch the eye; this minimalist aesthetic is as understated as you can go, and it will be too plain for many. I s...

Archimede 1950-3

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Simply perfect: the Archimede 1950-3

The Archimede 1950-3 has a super clean dial, reminiscent of vintage dress watches and the Ickler case is fantastic!
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German watches germaine to my collection

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