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SurferJohn ·

“The Wobble” Valjoux 7750 - Showing mine, let's see yours!

Let’s see your watches with the 7750 movement or 77xx derivatives, and hear your thoughts about them. After everything that has come and gone in my lo...
13 83
AussieWatchGuy ·

Made in Germany - Show me Yours

Whilst the Swiss Watch houses and the giants of Japan may steal most of the headlines, there’s some seriously impressive watches coming out of Germany...
121 870
WatchBee ·

Mühle Glashütte Teutonia IV Mondphase Gold

I really like the Teutonia IV Mondphase. However, isn’t it rather odd to make the moon look a bit like the sun on this special edition? 🤔
0 18
leatherngold ·

My Collection, 2022

First post ever. Any observations or recommendations? Thank you to all fellow crunchies for your inspiration! Watches in order of appearance: Jaeger-L...
11 274
SurferJohn ·


This collection represents about 20 years 2000-2020. My fascination with this brand came after meeting the people that run it at the Basel Fair in the...
16 284
Mastiff ·

Muhle Glashutte SAR

Which SAR would you pick ? I realise this watch is a 'love it or hate it' piece but wondered which model the crowd would fall on
2 319
Skyy12 ·

Muhle or Sinn?

I’m pulling the trigger on one of these German tool watches. Which do you prefer…the Sinn u50 or the Muhle rescue????
23 527
dubby_broccoli ·

Too obsessed with servicing costs?

So as a watch collector on a budget, who has never flipped a watch and tends to try and always buy "keepers", I've taken potential servicing costs int...
14 306
Edek_Hawker ·

Muhle Glashutte S.A.R. Rescue-Timer LUMEN

Does anyone have one of these? I am curious if it receives a good charge does the lume last all night (7-10 hours minimum) https://www.muehle-glashuet...
4 54
Motwoozle ·

Watches i want.... but just struggle on the strap / bracelet ETC

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robdominic ·

A Wow of a Diver!

A bit of browsing today. Glashutte Original SeaQ. Beautiful but very expensive. This also can be had on a rubber strap which I think would be killer.
11 374
piloot ·


two watches, one iphone extension, a few spare straps
9 42
AlexP845 ·

Torn between 2

I'm a sports watch & bracelet kind of guy, but this year I've had a crazy obsession with German style deck watches. Since around me, it's hard to...
3 245
Ptrela ·

Are Carl von Zeyten watches any good?

If anybody here dealt with Carl von Zeyten watches? I can see the ads poppig out every now and then and they look interesting but I can't find any rev...
3 166
Max ·

Your Junghans meister driver wallpaper is here

Hope you've seen this week's review of the Junghans meister driver. Thanks to @Just_a_watch_fan for turning me onto this piece! Here a wallpaper I mad...
24 203
Michael22 ·

Chrono dilemma…

Feel the irrational need to add a Chronograph to my collection. Short list includes Tudor BB Panda and Sinn EZM 13.1 - I have two Tudors already and a...
5 34
Mrcheckoh ·

What are some great sub 40mm watches?

What is 1 great watch or 2 great watches for $1,500? My only requirement is 40mm or under. I’m just looking for some other watches to add to my list....
12 106
Gustave ·

Helbros Invincible

Had the chance to pick up this little beauty. Haven't yet been able to take a look at the movement, only lost about 30s in the last 24hrs. Any thought...
7 31
Mastiff ·

TUTIMA Watches

Has anybody on WC have any experience or ownership views of the Tutima seven seas M2? I am seriously considering one of these as my first German watch...
16 343
Jewbaka ·

I Never Bought The Steinhart

I never bought that 30th birthday dive watch I've been looking for after months of agonizing over every detail. I've bounced around from San Martin to...
7 163