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2023 Acquisition Goals

Curious to know the crunch collective鈥榮 2023 purchasing goals. End of year, I鈥檓 eyeing the silver and gold accent #rolex OP 41mm. What is on your shor...
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Vacheron Constantin Fifty-Six Self Winding (Dream Watch Reviews)

With a watch that dates back to 1956, I must say in 2023 I'm super impressed. I love watching reviews on this masterpiece. Truly hope one day this wil...
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The Micro Fan鈥檚 Favorite W&W Releases That Are Not Rolex Or Tudor

Hey aren鈥檛 you the guy spamming our feed with polls plugging microbrands? Don鈥檛 you also have a bunch from the House of Wilsdorf? I hear all of that,...
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Just came in

Love my new Watch. Notice anything different? Fine-Watch-Club special. Beautiful.
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Is Montblanc Worth it?

I have seen some models like this one from Montblanc timewalker line in really good prices (around 1200) What do you, watch lovers, think about Montbl...
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A Brief History of Minerva (courtesy of ChatGPT)

So I have been playing around with ChatGPT and decided to see how well it would do writing some articles on watch brands and other related topics. Her...
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Frankenstein Tank

My #montblanc 1858 small seconds came with a gorgeous (and comfortable) mesh bracelet. But that piece has lived on a series of soft leather straps for...
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Dress Watch

Looking to add a dress watch for my collection. Does anyone have any experience with Montblanc?
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Watches and Wonders 2023 peak

I never thought I鈥檇 have to buy the same exact watch in two colors. Until my AD just texted me. Now my black Iced Sea is lonely. And needs a grey frie...
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What was your first serious/luxury watch purchase?

Curious to know where it 鈥渟tarted鈥 for you all. My first self-funded watch purchase was a Citizen on vacation in high school, as well as many other at...
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