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Aurelian ·

My Bad Idea

Have you ever had an idea that sounded really workable at first glance, but when you go to implement it you realize that it isn’t. It is really a bad...
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she_loves_watches ·

Nomos Glashütte Collection

This is where I am with Nomos currently. Any other Nomos fans out there?
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Catskinner ·

Display cases, why should I care?

This morning I came to the conclusion that I don't care at all about display cases. The Nomos Ahoi has arguably the best looking movement of the watch...
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stephenlai ·

Tangomat v Zeitwerk

Went out for lunch with an old friend and I couldn’t help but asked to have a play with his new watch. Exquisite. Playful. That’s before I turned the...
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Juanluisgarcia ·

Do you keep track of your collection? If so, in a spreadsheet?

I started a spreadsheet for my collection a few months ago because I have terrible memory and was forgetting that I’ve had certain watches. I also wanted to see if in fact this hobby was costing me an...
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felipeceballos ·

Is Nomos that superior?

Some time ago I began getting into the watch world without really buying them so I haven’t really owned that many watches but something I don’t quite...
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rocksinger89 ·

Dubious strap origins...

Does the world of online leather strap retailers ever feel sort of arcane to you? Leather terms like "full grain" or "shell cordovan" are nice, but se...
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starkerv ·

Solar watches- thoughts?

I was checking out Junghans watches in an AD store, where they only had a few pieces of the brand. Didn’t buy any yet but started exploring their webs...
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WaleedH14 ·

NWA - Nomos Orion 309

I used to think lugs were a problem for Nomos. But, my God, these suckers are the star of the show for me. The dial, the artistic depth, the divine sy...
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J_Schmitz ·

In search of a new watch

Hey guys, For my first year in uni I’d like to gift myself a modest watch. I am looking for a Nomos Tangente 35. Have you suggestions where to get the...
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