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brunofrankelli ·

An unexpected surprise

I don't know a lot about this watch. I've tried looking for information online but, alas, no luck. I do know that this one is something special indeed...
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Satnaruci ·

Yugoslavian watches

Good afternoon Watch Crunch family. I’m looking for anyone with a Yugoslavian watch collection of either INSA, Gorenje, or Mastis watches. I’m interes...
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Icarium ·

Proper hardcover watch catalogue (gotta love the Germans)

Happy to have received today 237 pages of mouthwatering Glashutte Original facts, figures - and watches of course. Love that they still do this in thi...
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nilsnellessen ·

Nomos Ludwig ?!

Im looking for an elegant dress watch at work. This one keeps me excited everyone I think about it. Does anyone have a particular opinion on it or exp...
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aaron18 ·

Glashutte Original SeaQ

Really happy that my dad decided to get this gorgeous piece 😍 check out my unboxing & review here: Please like &...
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Uhrologe ·

Pforzheim vs Glashütte, two centers of German watchmaking

When watch enthusiasts think of German watches today, the first Location name that comes to mind is Glashütte, which goes without saying. After all, G...
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bulgarian ·

Share your opinion on german watch brands!

Hi guys, I've been on a German wave lately looking for watch #4 in my collection. Very clean, some even minimalist watches, but on the other hand with...
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FitzHume ·

Good bye, old friend.

With a heavy heart I have decided to sell my SeaQ. This watch has been in my current collection the longest (2020), but it sees more time in a watch b...
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BowlOfSalmon ·

Reviewing the glashutte original Sea Q

Part 2/2 of the Glashutte video is online with the SeaQ in reed green - “ one brand , two watch collection “ ?
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Glashütte Original SeaQ gets a brushed center links

So I was in Hamburg this past weekend looking at watches with a friend and was made aware that GO has changed the bracelet on the SeaQ . Now it comes...
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