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New watch: Laco Flieger Type-B Karlsruhe Pro 40

Had to do it, folks. Had to get in on Flieger Fridays so I pulled the trigger (Top Gun speak: I'm switching from missles to guns). Wanted one from the...
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Made in Germany - Show me Yours

Whilst the Swiss Watch houses and the giants of Japan may steal most of the headlines, there鈥檚 some seriously impressive watches coming out of Germany...
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SO Disappointed (Laco Aachen 42)

You know that feeling when you want a certain watch. You watch videos, read articles, look at photos, save up, place the order, then wait for it to ar...
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Laco Augsburg 39

If the purpose of a watch would be just reading the time only, Flieger watches with the A-type dial would be the most popular ones. The purity of an i...
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I must stop buying Laco Fliegers :-)

I already have a Type B Aachen on a brown strap and a Type A Augsburg Blaue Stunde on a bracelet but there was just something about the orange Neapel...
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Engagement watch, wedding watch, bla bla bla

Well hello there, im just finish watching about effing time podcast on the milestone watch episode. i guess its nice to achieve the grail and wearing...
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My coverage of the Windup Watch Fair SF

Overall, the experience was terrific. Obviously, the only liability was parking. Once we got over that hurdle, it was time to go! As we entered, we di...
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My daily flieger (driver) on a new strap 馃榿馃枻

I got my Laco Augsburg 39 a little over a month ago and wanted to dress it a little up with a less toolish strap than the brown stock strap (even thou...
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Flieger watch in USA

Hi All One of my friends was travelling to San Fransisco USA and I wanted to check if there are any showrooms / retailers for German Flieger watch bra...
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Current Collection

My current collection of timepieces. I happily bottom-feed in the below one thousand dollar range.
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