Laco vs Stowa - what floats your boat?

I thought I didn't like fleigers... Then I decided to test what it would be like to own one. For a while I went back and forth between Stowa and Laco....

Why are some brands such sleepers?

This was sparked by a comment from @YYZ_Frenchie : Why do some storied brands get significantly less attention in the enthusiast community than they d...

Underappreciated Vintage inspired Stowa!

Hi Crunchers, I got my new German casual-dressy-fieldy-vintagy watch today (difficult to put it in a drawer I guess 馃ぃ ) I was looking for something al...

STOWA Partitio Experience

Hi Crunchers, Anyone have any real-life experience with the STOWA Partitio or the STOWA Milanese Bracelet? Thinks it's a really cool watch, but not ve...

Your Next Watch?

I'm curious what your next watch is planning to be. The one you're saving for. Or you will get with that next bonus. I'm not talking grail watches, bu...

Hergestellt in Deutschland

I love my German Watches. Here are my 3 synchronised

What's the difference between a Laco and IWC flieger?

This is an honest - possibly naive - question from a relatively new watch enthusiast eager to learn from more seasoned collectors. What can justify th...

Stowa Antea

I always loved Stowa watches, and I think that just few people know that they have made this Bauhaus model in the 1930鈥檚 (revived in 2015 I think), lo...

IWC Pilot strap suggestions

I am seeking suggestions. This stock strap is a bit on the dressy side. I'm looking for something with stitches or rivets. Probably leather (evil, I k...

I did a thing

I just pulled the trigger on an Omega Seamaster 300M. It is a combination retirement and birthday gift. It should be on my wrist in early August. This...