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Holiday watch selection

Hi Crunchers, I am finally getting away for a week to France. This is the travelling watches. As you can see, almost all divers. We are staying in a v...

Rubber strap care or preservation

Hi crunchers Does anyone know of, or have ways to keep good care of rubber straps to stop them deteriorating or going brittle over time? I have a coup...

Window shopping

Hi crunchers Met up with a buddy of mine today for a coffee and so.e window shopping in Milton Keynes. There has been a steady decline in decent watch...

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commented on Green & Orange Flash!! 💚🧡 ·

Gorgeous watch, would love one of these in my collection to sit alongside my 1967 Accutron

commented on Do you think when they started the brand "Bell & Ross" anyone told them it sounds like "Bell End Ross"? ·

I don't think anyone is confused

commented on Mi colección ·

Nice collection

commented on Hamilton has your summer watches ·

They look great but that date window...

commented on Watches without second hands ·

Just wait 5 mins...

commented on You have 750$ What's your choice? ·

I wouldn't spend $750 on a Timex. Even with titanium, how much profit is going to The James brand?

commented on Is this AR coating issue or something to do with the inner Argon filled gas? ·

That's a great looking Sinn. Don't think AR is coming off, you would spot that in any light and from my experience, scratched AR shows up sort of petrol colour. I had that on my Archimede and used Polywatch and AR came off easily.

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What does your current wish list look like?

What do you have your eye on to add to your collection? I have not bought any watches for quite some time, last one was the Neotype nearly 2 years ago...

Your favourite watch.... only a little bit better

This is one of my favourite watches (although I am sure I think all of my watches are my favourite) but I was thinking, what if it was just exactly ho...

Weekend watch selection

Off to see my Dad for a long weekend. He lives on the coast and I have a business meeting on the way back. I think this covers all bases, what do you...

Thanks for the inspiration

Saw a post from @Lewison with has Archimede on a bracelet. I have always had mine on either leather or NATO. Had this Strapcode Oyster spare and pleas...

Building my watch box

Hi Crunchers Thought i would share progrss on a watch box I am building dedicated to my Bell & Ross watch collection. Some of you may have noticed...

Steeldive modding

Hi crunchers, Does anyone have any experience modding Steeldive watches, specifically this one? It's a great watch for the price, around £130 with NH3...