Zeppelin watches 馃馃馃

Hello, watch world! One question I have What is your take on Zeppelin watches? I don't know much about them except that they are German-made and that...

Average guy review

In the world today we have Swiss watches, Japanese watches, East Asia watches and watches from just about everywhere. Then we have watches from German...

Zeppelin Atlantic GMT quartz

5.0 Avg. Score

Sought after complications?

There are some complications that are very rare that I would like to see more of. For me the one that stands out the most is a week complication. In m...

The cheapest true GMT available?

This arrived for me today, the Zeppelin LZ129 GMT, and I think it might be a competitor for the cheapest true GMT watch. It has its shortcomings, but...

Best watches for interrailing?

In 2024 I plan to go interrailing through Europe with a close friend of mine, starting in Calais and finishing in south-east Turkey where his family i...


This watch was a birthday present, and guys, let me tell you, it is amazing, it feels great, looks so good, love the 鈥渙ld fashon鈥 vibes that it gives....

My collection so far

It all started with my citizen Skyhawk Blue Angels around 2009 as a graduation gift! I鈥檝e been loving the journey, even tho I haven鈥檛 got my grail (RO...

Zeppelin Hindenburg LZ129 Moonphase Review

After looking at a number of German-Made watches for sale in Paris and Vienna last week, my wife surprised me with this lovely Zeppelin. While not exp...

Zeppelin Hindenburg LZ129 | 7036-1

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5 New Watches: Day 5

So last of my 5 new watches is also my first German watch. As someone who doesn鈥檛 like Bauhaus (I can appreciate the craftsmanship of making a beautif...

Zepplin Hindenburg LZ129

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