Which Bronze watch should I get?

I like all of these, but what does the community like? I know one handers are polarizing, but that is to be expected (and pretty sure Meistersinger doesn鈥檛 care one bit), but putting that aside, what...
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Favorite 2022 Moon Phase Watch?

I really enjoy a beautiful moon phase watch. The designer can go classic or really mix it up. After reading this article on Teddy Baldassare (
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A bigger better moon

To many of us watch enthusiasts there is no complication more romantic than the moon phase. On a clear night we all enjoy looking to the heavens to se...
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Any MeisterSinger love around here?

What are your thoughts on the quirky one-handed watches?
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How does a Meistersinger watch wear?

In my opinion most of the Meistersinger watches are quiet dressy. But I've seen that a lot of their watches have a diameter of 43mm. Isn't that a litt...
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MeisterSinger Metris

The new one since 1 week., a Meistersinger Metris, black and red. Very surprising and paradoxical, but it is a delight. To stop the first two days, in...
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New watch day is always a good day

loving my new Meistersinger! The deepest of blues on that dial. Review coming soon #wruw
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MeisterSinger Metris Blue on Sale (Netherlands)

If you're in Netherlands, you can grab Metris Blue cheaper than Chrono24 dealers from Rikkoert. (I've bough...
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The German and I out for the night

Tracing to NJ for the week. Brought a few watches but not sure I鈥檒l take this one off.
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Single-hand (hour) watches

Does anyone have experience with budget single-hand watches. I m not talking of course for the likes of a Meistersinger. I do not have a budget for th...
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