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AllTheWatches ·

Micro Tournament Sweet Sixteen Day 1: Ming Vs. D. Dornblüth & Sohn

It is the sweet sixteen, you know the rules by now. Good luck to both brands.
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AllTheWatches ·

Micro Tournament Round 2 Day 1: Habring Vs. D. Dornblüth & Sohn

It is round two, you know the rules by now. Good luck to both brands.
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AllTheWatches ·

Micro Tournament Round 1 Day 3: D. Dornblüth & Sohn vs. Lundis Bleus

Rules: • Voting is based on the overall brand, not the individual model or sample photo. • There are no rules on how you should choose, but you are welcome to civilly debate quality, value, heritage,...
7 235
AndreSVP ·

My Story...My Future and the Grail

Hello everyone. It's not very often that I post here in Watchcrunch, despite coming to this website pretty much everyday to check everyone's posts and...
39 493
OscarKlosoff ·

Ikepod Appreciation Threak

I was today years old before I heard that there is a watch company named Ikepod. I probably should have done a search here before starting this threak...
19 371
HotWatchChick69 ·

What should I buy next? Actually, I wish... instead, what should my buddy buy next?

Oh great gurus of WatchCrunch, I come to you for your sage advice and insights. Nowhere else has the wisdom of so many watch dorks been amassed togeth...
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mono1no1aware ·

Dornbluth experience, anyone?

Hi, Gang, I'm considering saving a bundle for 18 months and having Dornbluth customize one of their lovely 38mm models for me. Since it's a ton of dou...
8 43
Watchtime ·

Dornblüth & Sonne

Hi all. Latest addition to my collection is a Dornblüth & Sonne 99.1 that arrived a few days ago. I wanted one of their watches as they are truly...
29 293
Littlewatchlover ·

Dream watch collection

First post and it's about dream watches No limits (price, availability, etc), 3~4 watches, one dress, one sport, one everyday, one anything My choice:...
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robdominic ·

A Wow of a Diver!

A bit of browsing today. Glashutte Original SeaQ. Beautiful but very expensive. This also can be had on a rubber strap which I think would be killer.
11 374
piloot ·


two watches, one iphone extension, a few spare straps
9 42
AlexP845 ·

Torn between 2

I'm a sports watch & bracelet kind of guy, but this year I've had a crazy obsession with German style deck watches. Since around me, it's hard to...
3 245
Ptrela ·

Are Carl von Zeyten watches any good?

If anybody here dealt with Carl von Zeyten watches? I can see the ads poppig out every now and then and they look interesting but I can't find any rev...
3 166
Max ·

Your Junghans meister driver wallpaper is here

Hope you've seen this week's review of the Junghans meister driver. Thanks to @Just_a_watch_fan for turning me onto this piece! Here a wallpaper I mad...
24 203
Michael22 ·

Chrono dilemma…

Feel the irrational need to add a Chronograph to my collection. Short list includes Tudor BB Panda and Sinn EZM 13.1 - I have two Tudors already and a...
5 34
Mrcheckoh ·

What are some great sub 40mm watches?

What is 1 great watch or 2 great watches for $1,500? My only requirement is 40mm or under. I’m just looking for some other watches to add to my list....
12 106
Gustave ·

Helbros Invincible

Had the chance to pick up this little beauty. Haven't yet been able to take a look at the movement, only lost about 30s in the last 24hrs. Any thought...
7 31
Mastiff ·

TUTIMA Watches

Has anybody on WC have any experience or ownership views of the Tutima seven seas M2? I am seriously considering one of these as my first German watch...
16 343
leatherngold ·

My Collection, 2022

First post ever. Any observations or recommendations? Thank you to all fellow crunchies for your inspiration! Watches in order of appearance: Jaeger-L...
11 274