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Damasko or Sinn?

So I鈥檝e been considering adding a new watch to my collection and I want a good GADA watch. I鈥檝e narrowed it down to this two options: 1) Damasko DS30 2) Sinn 556A I鈥檝e been having such a hard time try...
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Pick An Interesting dials, microbrand edition

Which watch would you choose?
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Three Watch Rotation

I have completed my three watch rotation (for now) Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra for everyday office use Damasko DK32 for weekends and vacations WatchDiv...

This is what happens when you鈥檝e had too much to drink

One night of drinking and 3 Damaskos turned up. You live and learn.

Which pale German automatic chronograph would you pick?

I really love the 910 SRS, it has long been a grail-watch type of deal for me. However, I just found out about the Damasko DC57, and absolutely fell for it too.
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Watches in the Wild (Hometown Glory, Part 25)

Disclaimer: Direnzo DRZ04 pictured. The last time I saw snow in the SF Bay Area I was five years old! This is the twenty fifth in a semi-regular diges...

Damasko DS30 vs DK30

Hey everyone, I'm considering adding a Damasko to my collection and I'm wondering what's your take on Damasko DS30 (with a stock ETA-2824) vs Damasko...

Picking daily 'desk diver'

Still watch stocking and running through all options for my work desk 'diver'. I seem to always be in the office (even as I type this) Which of the following do you believe would be the better option...
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Damasko Downsides

I am interested in adding a Damasko someday to the collection, particularly the watch in the picture the DC57. I am convinced of the attributes of the...