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Watching the Watches in Films

Do you do this too?
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Weekend movie watch spotting

Ever since becoming a watch nerd, everytime a watch shows up in movies I pause and zoom in, anyone else? Let's share what you have spotted, not best o...
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More Sekonda Madness

I saw the lead actor in some thriller movie wearing one of these Sekonda Endurance models. I have no idea what the name of the film was (but it was ap...
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Watches in literature

Aloha y'all, anybody can name some works of fiction - novels, stories, films, poetry etc. - about watches, or at least in which a watch plays a signif...
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Breitling in movies

I was watching recently an old movie from the 2000s - "Skulls" about the Skull and Bones fraternity at Yale and there was a scene where they gave out...
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Seiko in the Movies

My favorite watch brand is Seiko. Yes, they've had QA issues and yes they are increasing their prices but they have history and still make a very soli...
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Favorite Movie Watch

What's your favorite movie watch? For me, it's the Omega Constellation worn by Micheal in the Godfather. I tossed in a few that are often mentioned.
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I Bought an Ugly Watch but it was in a Movie

I know the Casio DW290 has a lot of love out in the community but it's not something I would normally have any interest in. However, despite not being...
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Favorite Watch from the Movies

Sporting my "Arnie" this morning and getting ready for an Arnold Schwarzenegger marathon today; Predator, Commando, Raw Deal, and The Running Man. Any...
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The AD of Doom

Haven鈥檛 posted much in awhile as I鈥檝e been trying to take an extended break from relentless watch consumption. Having said that, decided to draw up a...
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