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All Bases Covered

I think this can be my new 2 watch collection. 馃榾 That is, if I ever lose my mind completely and burn my house down with all my other watches left insi...
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Another new arrival

My "new" but actually old Sekonda 03270 arrived. I put it on a brown calf leather strap for now and took it out in the sunshine. Absolutely fantastic....
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Ebay's search is drunk again

I feel despair for this world, I really do. 馃槩
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casiodean commented on Favorite Watch?

Yachtmaster because of the bezel.

casiodean commented on Things are getting serious in the #1WC
casiodean commented on How do you like to collect?

I buy everything I can which I like. No limits!

casiodean commented on Rainbow Month 2023

I've already got this covered, but only because I really like Coke. 馃榾I said, "COKE", cloth ears!馃槣

casiodean commented on Partial State of my Collection

Nice collection. Nothing too extreme, and pretty much every situation that you need a watch for is covered. Some duplication, but we all do that.

casiodean commented on Ultimate Quartz Watch Second Hand Face-Off
casiodean commented on Do you think Rolex watches are affordable

If you don't drink or smoke, even the poorest person should be able to afford a Rolex with a year of saving. I think that makes it affordable, but they are still way overpriced for what they are.

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How many online shops seem to measure watches

But with G.I. Joe hands rather than their own. 馃槵 Example:
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Looking for 18mm leather strap suggestions

I have this: And I have another one on its way which I bought last night: Yes, Judgy McJudgster, I like little Sekonda quartz dress watches from the '...
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#1WC - I'm out, guys. I just couldn't do it anymore.

My new Sekonda "all stainless steel" quartz diver arrived an hour ago, and after fitting a very fiddly 377 battery, I had to put it on. This challenge...
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Ten Frugal Fixes You've Never Thought About

Back in the days before the internet, we had many ingenious ways of fixing our watches which still hold up today. Here are 10 of mine. Scratched miner...
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All the watches in my collection right now - #1WC

This is what the #1WC has done to me, and to them. 馃槵 All my watches be like
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#1WC - The Sekonda 1579 is the perfect choice to win the 1WC

On Day 11 of the 1WC you must create a post (not WRUW) about your watch using the #1WC hashtag. You must explain why your watch is the perfect choice...
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What are Chris Benz watches?

Are they something real or an Ali brand? I've seen this one: And it reminds me a lot of a St. Moritz Momentum M1 that I foolishly traded for two dud V...
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