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The World Record for watch comments/ compliments

Ok my fellow crunchers this felt like a word record, but will confess it’s not been yet ratified by Guinness 3 times yesterday - coworkers and passers...
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ひとり。。isn’t Japanese

As cliche as it sounds, we seldom see uncompromising aspects where a sturdy tool watch with extravagant refinement could come at an affordable price,...
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Anyone jumping on this?

At Wind up Watch NYC, Zodiac released a 500 unit run of a ceramic COSC sea wolves for $1600 bucks (which is about $7000 Canadian with our total shite...
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Fieldwalker commented on How not to wear a watch (basically just an excuse to share some cool photos) ·

Fun read and history lesson!  Thanks ☺️!

My $0.02 - I think over cuff works in black and white old timey pix, but is weird looking in color or in person 

As for a 46mm new watch - I always end up hurting my 6” waif-ish wrist when wearing one of my boat anchors on it.  Something to consider 😉

Fieldwalker commented on Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Pan Am available now from Grimoldi in Italy! ·

Thanks for posting!

I was looking forward to seeing this one. Will have to decide quickly how much I like it 🤔😬

Fieldwalker commented on AE. 14 | Watches from on wrist to underwater ·

I’ll try to listen tomorrow- thanks! 👍

Fieldwalker commented on Intro and Latest Addition ·

Welcome to crunchville !

We alternate wacky humor with deadly serious discussion of things like display casebacks or lume preferences 🤪

Can’t wait to see the rest of that collection - that BB looks like a great addition.  👏

Fieldwalker commented on Are there any watches you’re so into, you’ve multiples of? ·

I totally get the PD love - I've got several set aside in my chrono 24 listings that sit and wait for me to have drastic financial improvement.  Another note about PD, if you own more than one it's highly likely to have a couple of matching watches, since black chronos are kinda their thing 😂

Like almost everyone - I have too many Seiko divers - but that's like saying I like puppies and ice cream.  A pretty common situation I think.   Aiming to get a few of the nature themed GSs at some point, so that'd be the most overlap for me.

Fieldwalker commented on Are there any watches you’re so into, you’ve multiples of? ·

I think every watch you own, I've had on my wrist in a shop - that's a handsome bunch of fellows you've got there!

Fieldwalker commented on How many watches did you buy in 2022? How many have you sold? ·

'21 Was quite a year!!!  Being a diligent WC member doesn't help, so many damn enablers here.

Seiko Ginza Alpinist was last Christmas (from Wifey, from her mom in Japan)

Seiko Prospex LX ... oooh love saying LX, chills...

Zodiac super sea wolf - my blue-green wolfly mcwolf face.

Seiko Prospex turtle - shark fin dial - bought in Japan, BUT sold in Canada

Seiko Prospex US edition turtle dial turtle.  Yes, this is the correct turtle for me.

Rado Ceramic Captain Cook - full ceramic for a criminally low price!!

Kurono Grand Mori - the forest watch with a dial made from the Japanese Urushi Tree!

Blok watch for my daughter!  It's yellow and fun!

Must drastically slow down the acquisition rate or will need a bigger house.  Upside is that for once, I didn't buy any bikes last year.  I couldn't afford it 😂

Great year of highlights and fun to look back on!

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Blok Watch Review

I ordered one for my daughter virtually the first day they came out. I was absolutely in love with the idea behind the dial layout (the hour ' blocks...

Blok "Yellow"

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Grand Seiko, Grand Seiko, Grand Seiko!!!! Factory Tour!

Ok - maybe post too big? Pics keep disappearing 20 min (DM me to ask for pix link) No, I didn't get one. Biggest fanboy me still doesn't have one. I r...
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Fieldwalker ·

Watch boxes - hidden in storage or out on display?

I had a bit of fun last week while putting away some kayak stuff in the garage. I ran into a pile of interesting looking and beautiful watch boxes I’...
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Aquamarine Dreaming - Super Sea Wolf Review

It's been on and off my wrists for a few months now, so I think it's time for an official review. @JustinPHX recently had a tale of woe regarding his...

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Aquamarine Dream

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Fieldwalker ·

Seiko Prospex Turtle - The Turtle Edition!

Tried on a few turtles 🐢 while in Japan - and fell in love. Not always with the dial, but definitely with the case. I’d theoretically written it off t...
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Fieldwalker ·

Bands that will accept fat spring bars?

Hey Munch-o-Crunch family, I'm looking around on the internets for bands that can accept fat spring bars ( I believe they are 2.5mm?) - then it occure...
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Fieldwalker ·

Prospex Ginza in the wild

Until recently it was right at home, looking handsome in Ginza and Gion. But the last 5 days were in the harsh oceanic climate of Queen Charlotte soun...
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