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G-Shock, this time is gee nope 🫤

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A 4 watch day... and loving life.

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It's a MAD world - on your wrist (and sadly IRL)

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commented on One Watch Experiment ·

Fun of collecting.. involves collecting!

Without owning quite a few watches I wouldn’t know which of them I absolutely fell in love with

And lastly:

Sinn > Rolex, don’t do it!

I want to get a Sinn as well 😉.

BTW, we do an annual game here called #1wc.

It’s hell, and wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Here I am lap swimming with a GS spring, on leather 🙄. #1wc


So one more reason: We own lots of different watches, to use for lots of different purposes!

commented on Can you see in the dark? ·

Seiko LX

I’ve not found any micro brand or Swiss diver that last like it does.


Micro brands and Swiss brands use Europe based (Japan developed) superluminova.

It does great after a UV charge, but it never stays bright and easily legible as well as this LX, hour after hour. It’s some form of lumi bright, but well outperforms other very bright seiko divers, and way above superluminova

commented on The Joy of Buying Rolex ·

Many of my friends here (@TheHoroSexual for example), have a great relationships with a great AD. They exist 🙂

I’m closer to your situation : was told ‘no watches for me’ at my cities AD. (Van BC, Palladio Jewlers) ☹

So experience can vary! But Rolex is a private company and infinitely wealthy, so why change?

Yup, I could try traveling, recruiting a friends help, or paying for gray, but I couldn’t shake the feeling Rolex SA doesn’t want my type (average Joe) as a customer. So I oblige Mr. Wilsdorf

While it was my dad’s lifetime watch,


..times have changed, and I’ll not have one on my wrist, other than fun try ons of friends watches!!

Lovely human @FlatteryCamp ’s gold day date on my wrist! 💎😃

commented on The horrors of magnetism 🧲⚡️… do you care? ·

It uses daily pictures - so quality of the pic matters. Use a bit of zoom, a steady hand, and take from directly above, no angle.

I need to get it all perfect trying to see if spring drive changed 1 second 😂🙄

commented on Sleeper Watch ·

For me - ‘sleeper’ implies something that looks simple/boring.. but is much more than a glance indicates.

Among my group: what’s more simple than a black Seiko diver? At a glance, it’s a beater dive watch, few hundred bucks , right?


It’s hidden pop:

Designed by Ken Okuyama of Pininfarina and Ferrari Enzo fame: low CG, grade 5 Ti, 0.1 sec/day spring drive, high polish DLC, cermet mirror polished bezel, 18k second hand. Nearly black sunray dial it’s like looking at the ocean at night. And lume that I’ve yet to see matched in any dive watch, I collect dive watches! (duration especially) . Made in GS studio in Shinshu.

Disappears on wrist, 100g and wraps wrist with short lug to lug. 300m diver you never want to take off.. this SNR043 Seiko LX is 96/200


did I convince anyone 😜

Oh and at recent watch meetup at Ben Bridge in Seattle, one sales guy noticed, and ran over, calling all the other sales guys to come look at it. At a meetup with Rolexes, Pateks and Bulgaris, simple black Seiko FTW 🤪

commented on Sleeper Watch ·

Hitori endlessly grabs GS and Seiko designs 😒

commented on Sleeper Watch ·

A sleeper that only a watch enthusiast knows how special it is

This one is the opposite: at a glance looks special, but enthusiast knows it’s Ali express homage. It bugs me Gnomon implies this Chinese watch is Japanese 🤨.

Chatted with sales guy at Gnomon, Singapore: Gnomon gets from factory in China that makes homage watches. This brand tries harder than most to hide its origin. Sneaky.

I’m so Sorry for being a bummer (beef with Gnomon/Hitori, not you @benno1024 !) - just to wanted to make sure nobody mistakes it as an actual Japanese brand like Kurono, Ostsuka or Naoya Hida etc.

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