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7.00” / 17.78 cm Wrist
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No Time Like the Present

This is an old article from about four years ago that I came across. This was a stunt to boost tourism. However, it is a hilarious concept. I know the...

Green Bronze?

So, I've been considering getting a bronze watch, but the main thing that keeps me from the idea is the green factor. I do have a medical condition th...

Welcome / Introduction

I forgot to post an intro back in December when I joined. Better late than never. And to keep with the Twilight Zone reference, I'll try to keep up wi...

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commented on reviewsfornerds's WRUW ·

Look forward to it

commented on Watch_Fan's WRUW ·

Love the blue on your #vostok

commented on alfredo's WRUW ·

That back is awesome


commented on SamuelTan's WRUW ·

Great lume!


commented on reviewsfornerds's WRUW ·

The #vostok looks good on a bund

commented on So you want to step into mechanical watch retro? Of course you do! ·

I keep thinking I need a #vostok

commented on You get the idea… ·

Scuba dude at the game!


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Ernest & Rolex & Horology

I grew up watching the Ernest movies, as they were a staple of 80s & 90s kids. So, when I saw Jim Varney's nephew released a biography, I decided...

Which Yellow GShock

I've been looking at getting a yellow gshock lately, but still debating on which model. It's been a toss up between the GA-B2100C and the GA100A. I th...

What watch would you choose?

You have access to a time machine that only has enough power to do one round trip to the past for 15 minutes. You can only time travel back to meet th...

Even Wizards Appreciate Fine Timepieces

I'm currently on vacation, and while at Universal's Harry Potter world (Diagon Alley to be specific) and I happened across this window that advertised...

Mid day wardrobe (& watch) changr

I cannot stand those little hairs after a haircut and always shower and change after. So, Timex Weekender with a parachute strap.

Ugly, but has a good personality

What watches do you like or own that are considered ugly, but there's something to it that makes you love it?