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Casio Calculator on Leather?

Been thinking of trying my hand at some leatherwork and watch straps seem like the logical entry point. However, before doing a full project I did a q...

Watch Storage Upgrade

I had some scrap wood left from building counters for the camper and decided to address my watch storage challenge. I previously had 3 watch boxes and...

The Watch Purge of 2023

Watching the latest few Urban Gentry and Just One More Watch Youtube videos it seems like purging ones watch collection is the sexy thing to do. Of co...

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commented on Watches as an investment

I鈥檒l stick with ETFs

commented on A Worthwhile Investment or Outdated Relic? 馃

I sold my SKX009 last year at sorry a healthy profit margin but it wasn't that healthy. Maybe I should of held off a bit longer lol.

Anyway I think it depends the person. If your collector and the purchase is all about the SKX's place horological history it maybe worth the $ to you. However if buying it to for function and use the value is certainly not there. I realized I'm more the latter thus why I sold mine.

commented on Casio Calculator on Leather?

Well 1 out of 5 for moving forward lol. Not a resounding positive market analysis so far.

I may do it anyway otherwise I may as well just chuck this calculator watch in the bin as it will never get wrist time without me doing something crazy to it.

commented on Casio Calculator on Leather?

Sounds pretty much what like what I did with this Apple Strap for Beta try to see if I liked it.

commented on Casio Calculator on Leather?

always thirsty!

commented on Casio Calculator on Leather?

I like to be different so doing a strap for a normal watch just didn't seem all that exciting lol

commented on SOTC 2023

I love that Vintage Orient! My tastes have skewed the opposite direction as yours likely because I work remotely. As a result my daily attire is typically made up of Lululemon, Gymshark, or Cabela's (non-workout days). Don't judge me I rarely leave the house during the work week :(.

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