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Can you identify Johnny Rotten's watches?

These pictures were taken in the late 70s. Left looks like a LED piece - note the 3 pushers - right seems like it's a jump hour.
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Poll: How many hobbies besides watches do you currently have?

Oddly, many people in my surroundings claim to not have any hobbies at all. Most of them are content with - if family allows - a bit of reading or watching TV, and maybe a little exercise, before it's...
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Let's go racing! 1974 Timex M25.

Oh dear - a beaten, non-running Timex off Ebay, with the dreaded M24/25 movement and half the lume gone? At least it was only €20.50, so what could go...
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ElTomstro commented on Witness the Heartwarming Rebirth of a Seiko 6139 Vintage Chronograph! ·

What a pretty watch and movement!

ElTomstro commented on How often do you clean your watches? ·

When they make a noise coming off my wrist.

ElTomstro commented on This is madness! ·

I used to believe printer ink was the most expensive liquid on Earth. Until I got into this hobby, and needed some watch lubricants.

ElTomstro commented on Hello from France 🇫🇷 ·

Salut, welcome, and ... watch out! :)

ElTomstro commented on Tantalum vs other precious metals ·

Sorry to poop the party, but Tungsten rings should be avoided. You bash your finger - the finger swells - you can't get the ring off - OH SHIT YOU CAN'T EVEN CUT IT OFF AND NEITHER CAN THE PARAMEDICS CUZ IT'S EFFING TUNGSTEN AND THE FINGER KEEPS SWELLING AND GETTING BLACK AND - -

ElTomstro commented on What is your favorite color scheme combo? ·

Black like the heart of an AD.

ElTomstro commented on Have you ever had a Holy $#!¥ moment with your watch? ·

Left my watch in the car for a day at the beach. When we returned, it had gotten so hot in the car the acrylic crystal had warped! Argh 🤯

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Help wanted: Timex Expedition Compass / Tide - yay or nay?

O fellow Crunchniks! I feel my collection is lacking a "techy" ticker, and I always wanted a watch with a compass. I kinda like the look of this Timex...
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Show us your kitchen timers!

Aloha me Crunchniks! Sure, we all love to give that diving bezel on the beloved Plopoff / Shtupmariner / 50Fartings etc. some action - even if it's us...
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The cow goes moo. The cat goes meow. How does your watch go?

Mine go: Panerai 183 Unitas - tick tick tick tick tick Vintage Tissot - chingtung chingtung chingtung Longines Legend Diver - tuntuntuntuntuntuntuntun...
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I'd never get a X - except for their Y!

As for me, I'd never get a Timex - except for their Mickey Mouse! I'd never get a Swatch - except for their Duck-issime! I'd never get a Patek - excep...
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NWA - 1971 Timex Electric Mickey Mouse!

It's not easy to find the perfect Mickey Mouse watch! Most are too small, too old, too crappy, too expensive - even Lorus have gone up in price! But w...
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Geckota G-01 Vintage Diver aka Pioneer - Review

Today I'd like to review the watch that got me into this here rabbit hole. My late Dad's Tissot that had been on my arm since decades finally had to g...

Geckota G-01

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Watches in literature

Aloha y'all, anybody can name some works of fiction - novels, stories, films, poetry etc. - about watches, or at least in which a watch plays a signif...
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