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Watch Timing?

This is an older Rolex timing sheet used at the end of a service. Timing of a watch, if done comprehensively, can take the better part of a week. It i...

The Watchmaker Watch

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Omega Constellation

The watch that started it all. My great grandfather (apparently a very interesting and well traveled guy) bought many Omegas in the 50s in Germany on...

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commented on Why does lume matter? ·

It’s honestly overrated 🫢

commented on Uncertain about buying ·

In the watch industry the copying of designs is often linked to counterfeiting and black markets. Not to mention it stifles creativity and steals IP & lesser mentioned Herculean marketing efforts by the original brand.

Every time a new product is created there’s the opportunity to create something new. I’d rather see a more creative industry and mature consumer base that realizes the ethical issues of copies and is capable of finding solace in things like not being able to afford the original, being okay with a design not being produced anymore, or whatever infinite line of excuses there are to yoink someone else’s design. Additionally, I find that there’s a double standard and that people are generally more okay with brands stealing designs from the large brands but having a huge issue when smaller brands have their IP infringed upon.

I think the reasons people come up with to justify these products are to absolve themselves of guilt, especially when folks call for some kind of self directed accountability. But hey, there are so many people that clearly have no issue with these kinds of products that I’m shouting into the wind. OP did ask for opinions on this and he’s getting mine. I do believe the landscape of watches would be incredibly more diverse and exciting if we, as an industry or creators and consumers, were less tolerant of the more blatant design liberations.

commented on Uncertain about buying ·

The design is copied from the Omega Geneve Admiralty

commented on Uncertain about buying ·


commented on To Service or Not to Service? ·

Send it over

commented on Regular service ·

I keep all my watches in a box

commented on Regular service ·

Only applicable to brands like swatch and rolex who replace nearly every component in service. Additionally, there are lots of parts not included in the service which if you let get destroyed will increase that bill. With your modern omega or rolex you can stretch that interval, sure, other things not so much.

The guy is also complaining about them not doing partials - you have to understand these brands don’t want to release watches unless they can guarantee the functionality of everything otherwise this guy is complaining that he got his watch back after the crystal was replaced and it was running slow, or whatever. Lots of reasons to not do partial services

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