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Show Us Your Oldest Watch You Have Owned Since Day One.

It was Christmas morning 1985. While sitting cross-legged on the basement mauve-colored high pile carpet next to the tinseled-out tree, I unwrapped a...
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A Blast from the Past!

As a kid, I awoke to a Westclox mains powered alarm clock. As its second hand would sweep along, it gave off a warm incandescent glow while a soft 鈥榖u...
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Gosh, That Ultra Looks Pretty Nifty

Up until a a few minutes ago, I thought my good old Nano (that has 18 built-in selectable watch dials) is all I need when I have a hankering to wear a...
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DariusII commented on I Did The Unthinkable 馃槀馃

What about young men with bad eyesight?聽

DariusII commented on I Did The Unthinkable 馃槀馃

Looks quite robust on your wrist. Your A700W fits a bit better.聽

DariusII commented on Show Us Your Oldest Watch You Have Owned Since Day One.

What a great photo! I remember those lawn chairs myself.聽

DariusII commented on Show Us Your Oldest Watch You Have Owned Since Day One.

That Seiko will be with you for decades. What a great choice! My first expensive watch I bought myself was my Seiko Sports 150 in 1990 when I was about the age you are now. Look forward to many years with yours!

DariusII commented on WATER RESISTANCE false advertising?

Well, I once clocked a Plesiosaurus doing about 105.聽

DariusII commented on A story about tossing a watch over a building.

That鈥檚 a fantastic story! One can only better himself with his own ambition in the end鈥nd it sounds as though you did just that.聽

DariusII commented on How not to wear a watch (basically just an excuse to share some cool photos)

Fascinating post! The photographs of the soldiers and nurses from the Great War are a poignant reminder of the fragility of society that is often held glued-together by something as mundane but cohesive as an over-the-cuff wrist watch.聽

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Show Us a Favorite Table Clock You Own

Back in 2001, My Liberty Mutual sales manager gifted me this crystal Mikasa table clock for my proficiency in transacting the intangible wares of Life...
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Your Prettiest Watch

My prettiest watch for sure is this stunning Hamilton in 14K WG I inherited from my Grandma. She passed in 1985 at the age of 96, so it鈥檚 an old watch...
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What watch did you buy for graduating to or from something?

My Maternal Grandfather worked for the Union Pacific Railroad for over 40 years. Early in his career, he shoveled coal into the great furnaces of the...
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Vincero Icon Automatic Review

The 1986 movie, Stand By Me, is a coming of age odyssey of self-discovery. In it, sensitive Gordie (Will Wheaton), tough guy Chris (River Phoenix) and...

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The Geographical Treasure Where You Live

Just a few miles from my driveway lies The Bingham Copper Mine 鈥 the World鈥檚 largest man-made excavation 鈥 shown this chilly afternoon adorned with th...
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Islander Amerigraph Bethpage Review

Back in 2019, I flew off to D.C. to attend a National鈥檚 game. While in our Nation鈥檚 Capital, I visited the usual places 鈥 The Tomb of the Unknown Sold...

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Thrice Vexed. A Quandary to Beset My Simple Mind.

One blustery morning fraught with the agitated winds of time, I knelt prostrate upon the mainspring alter of the watch gods to appeal to their advice鈥...
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