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My first Baltic!

Finally! At a Facebook auction I found this, my exact dream spec Baltic! The whole thing was really weird. I found the auction just a couple of hours...

Citizen Cosmotron

Guys, I need your help. I recently acquired this Citizen Cosmotron, the last model of the movement before the quartz movements really took over. Anywa...

My first mechanical chronograph!

Okay, so this is something I’m quite excited about. I always said that my first mechanical chronograph would be a special watch for me, probably a gra...

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commented on andrewrossi's WRUW ·

Looking absolutely fantastic, Andrew! 🤩🍻

commented on toblerino's WRUW ·

I love it!

commented on toblerino's WRUW ·

Good man! Can’t wait to see some photos

commented on toblerino's WRUW ·

Good morning! Thanks, Danilo! 🍻

commented on toblerino's WRUW ·

Thank you Danilo! I absolutely will.

commented on honningblomst's WRUW ·

Gratulerer med dagen!!🇳🇴🥳

commented on toblerino's WRUW ·

Thanks Danilo!

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Belated Barbie watch

The SRP839J1 «Cosmopolitan», a «ladies» watch. Or, a watch for anyone who had tiny wrists. (Peep the badge on my profile) The pink Cocktail dial is ju...

A piece of history

Well. What do I say? Since I got my first generation Apple Watch in 2016, I have longed a «real» Mickey Watch. I used the Mickey dial everyday for abo...

Too small?

Hi again. I am looking for a pink watch, and this (SRP839) is my best and most affordable option at the moment. Is it too small for my tiny wrists? The watch measures 34mm and I have 15 cm wrists.
90 votes ·

To relume, or not to relume?

I recently fixed this Aquaracer 2000, and noticed that the lume on the hands are far more patinaed than the hour markers, and the minute hand is missing some. Is it time to relume, not just the minute...
108 votes ·

New year’s watch

I am totally stuck in choosing what watch to start the next year with. I am not supersticious or anything, but I’d like it to be the perfect watch for...