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OSLO Watch Meet, short story

Last weekend, Feb. 4th, my friends Ole, @jesperado and I attended our first watch meet. It was fun! Geeky, but very much as expected. We attended with...
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Info on these vintage watches?

Hello! I have these four, mostly anonymous vintage pieces that I would love to know more about. The Tissot is the one I know the most about, however t...
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New member saying Hello!

Hello, first post! This is my current watch collection- for the most part vintages, but my favourite is my newly aquired TAG Heuer Aquaracer 200. Very...
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toblerino commented on Hello I'm Jerome ·

Welcome! In love with that Khaki Field.

toblerino commented on Hello fellow watch enthusiasts ·

Cool concept! You find a LOT of great and interesting pieces for that price. Much welcome!

toblerino commented on Hi, I’m Erik and I’m a watch nerd ·

Welcome aboard!🤝 Loving the Seiko’s!

toblerino commented on Welcome ·

What a collection! Nice straps, also; might need a few😅 Looking forward to seeing more!

toblerino commented on OSLO Watch Meet, short story ·

Thanks! Yes, that Seamaster is beautiful!

May be a while until I get my own Milgauss, though..

toblerino commented on New member saying Hello! ·

Thank you!

toblerino commented on New member saying Hello! ·