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WatchCruncher's age ?

what is the age of the average Cruncher ?
169 votes

Does it bother you to own multiple watches that uses the same movement ?

Seiko, Miyota, ETA and Sellita movements can be found in many different watches, would it stops you to buy a watch if it uses the same movement than a watch you already own ?
387 votes

Have Snoopy has a emoji option ?

Snoopy is probably the cartoon character the most associated with watches, should we at least have an emoji in his honor on this forum ? Feels like Snoopy deserves it !
58 votes

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commented on Sugess Chrono Heritage S411 1902 LE

I do own a sugess bicompax white panda and it's a really nice watch you can get for a bargain. It's the only mechanical chrono under 1k$, and probably also under 2k$. Is it the most accurate movement available ? No, but you dont buy mechanical for accuracy. I got it from the official Suggess store on aliexpress, shipping went smooth. Try one, for the price its a bargain

commented on Who's going?

Waiting for something similar in Montreal. I'd like to go, but with my job it's not easy to plan a 8hour drive

commented on Thoughts on the Hamilton khaki field auto?

Unless you have a massive wrist, go with the 38mm

commented on Where does legibility rank on your scale?

Legibility is important, after all your goal is to read time. But there's not a lot of watches I find hard to read the time on it. Most of the time, it's wierd watches like Jacobs & Co. that are more of a bragging tool than a timekeeping tool.

commented on Will Quartz ever make a big comeback in the industry?

A come back ? They are already there, I dont see why they would dissapear. Yes, "we" watch nerds prefer mecanical over quartz, but we enjoy both.

commented on Anniversary Watch

If the other watch is also on his list, yes. I wouldn't buy a watch you don't know if he likes it.

For example, I'm not a dive watch guy, soI only have a very few divers I enjoy and they are not in my top 50 watches I'd like to own. Recieving a random diver watch, I would be happy to recieve a watch, but it would be awkward since I won't really enjoy it.

commented on NWA - Everyone鈥檚 least favorite Omega

I prefer this one over the Aqua Terra. For me :

  1. Speedmaster

  2. Railmaster

  3. Aqua terra

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Battle of the cheap blue & white chrono

welcome to the competition ! While drunk on the web a few days ago, a wild Norqain Freedom 60 in blue appeared, and it kinda seduced (yup, I'm that easy) me. This watch have some 60's vibes and it's q...
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Lugs missfit

What do you guys think ? I bought a new bracelet, I was wondering if this kind of gap/missfit between the watch horns and the bracelet curved end woul...

New years resolution is coming, what are your goals for 2024 ?

So now that 2024 is right around the corner, have you set some goals for your collecting journey ? Are you happy with your current watches ? Are you saving for your next grail watch ? Do you plan on r...
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Now that Christmass is over, did you got the watch you desired ?

If you got a watch during this holliday, what have you recieved ? If not, what was on your list ?
85 votes

Will you purchase watches for this Black friday ?

As the title says, does anybody activly look to get a new watch this weekend ? If yes, what have you found and where ?
72 votes