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Kiremb ·

What’s your favorite brand?

I thought my favorite brand was Grand Seiko as it was my first luxury purchase. However, I have not bought a second one yet. Nomos, on the other hand,...
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eliamathias ·

Expensive watches when travelling?

I will leave for Berlin, Hamburg and Amsterdam tomorrow and I‘m not sure what watch to bring… I‘m in the most intense honeymoon with my new Explorer 1...
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Arijit ·

Quick question

Why does WRUW day start on GMT-8? No offence to any time zone, but I've always wondered why not the most populated time zones. I've searched on WC but...
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UnholiestJedi ·


I've seen a lot of folks on this and other forums say they don't like pinching or hair pulling bracelets and I'm confused. I have always preferred bra...
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New Camera Time

Just got back from a roadtrip to trade my Fujifilm XT3 for a Sony A7Rii. Liking what I am seeing so far!
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nytime ·

How does MSRP vs. actual price paid affect your view on your watches?

I am grateful that I was able to pick up two watches at great discounts: over 60%. Thus I was able to get a $900 watch for $400, and a $1800 for $800...
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CombatWombat ·

How to rekindle interest in Watches

Sooooo what you guys think? Don't have any dislike for em I just find myself not really caring anymore, maybe I just need to sell the old and get some...
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eliamathias ·

What‘s your most comfortable watch?

For me it really is the GS White Birch. You can tell from the second pic just how much it hugs the wrist. I get a gap with almost all watches but not...
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Arijit ·

Thoughts on negative display digitals?

I bought this A168WGG before F91W and A158WA. Before getting it in hand, I thought it looked really cool with the negative display and all-black anodi...
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Carlos_or_Eric ·

Is it wrong for me to be eyeballing this?

Why is it that with all the hubbub with Russia all I can think about is what a great time to get a Vostok. Am I wrong? 🤔
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