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Do sport watches need date window especially diver watches?

I know that this is a controversial topic and there are many opinions and preferences out there. Some people say that the date window is a useful and...

Anyone Else Wearing Two or More Watches a Day!

So although I have thought of wearing multiple watches at a time I just can't. If you can and also if you have some extra creative ways that you do so...

Sales Gimmicks

What sales tactics have suckered you in? Which tactics trigger your gag reflex? Examples; Rolex infinite waiting list, Seiko every thing is limited ed...

Is an open caseback important to you?

I adore the aesthetics of the 1861 movement so much that I went as far as purchasing an aftermarket caseback to fully appreciate it whenever possible....

My watches are good investments!

Alright I hear some of you think that buying watches are not a good investment. You are probably right! Or wrong? Considering that investing is a way...

What鈥檚 the 鈥渃oolest鈥 watch brand?

I was thinking about this the other day and I think every brand has its merits but there鈥檚 something about Hamilton that sticks out to me. It鈥檚 such a...

Why get a Tudor or a Rolex?

Looking through selections on both of their sites I don't see anything that someone else doesn't do for less money and usually put a spin on it that m...

What is your job and how dose your watch help


State of the Collection:Current Top 20 Favorite Watches

I'm very happy with how this is shaping up. Feel free to love or hate on anything. What I would really like is suggestions on 2 watches you would subt...

Selling Watches (Part 1 How to Decide What Goes?)

I feel like I am pretty adept at buying watches but I have never sold one. With 75 watches, I have out grown my watch boxes and they are not getting e...