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Which Steinhart do you prefer?

Yacht-Master like bezel or Explorer diver Both are 39mm, use the same movement and are overall very similar so this is mainly about the looks :)

It's ridiculous

I bought this piece which was my first aliexpress order ever and thaught this can't be very good since i payed less than 100鈧... Well it's actually ve...

What's currently on your watch shortlist?

My watch shortlist constantly changes, sometimes daily but here are my current favorites i'd like to have sooner or later! Citizen Challenge Diver: Ch...

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Maddox commented on Show Me Your 3 6 9 Dial Watches
Maddox commented on Maddox's WRUW

way to good for ~100鈧 but definitely has its flaws, mostly minor though

Maddox commented on It's ridiculous

i think its large but it wears fine on my ~17cm wrist

Maddox commented on VH.watchfan's WRUW

i consider buying this! how you like it?

Maddox commented on Help me choose

i was disappointed by the conquest, very chunky, very thick (not the case thickness but the bezel and overall looks), very massive

but if you like that its very cool and well made of course

Maddox commented on What's currently on your watch shortlist?

nice to see a venezianico here 馃憣

Maddox commented on Titanium watch recommendations ???

i really like the Steinhart Ocean 39 GMT Titanium


also the 40mm Longines Spirit Titanium

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My beloved Seiko just disappointed me

Yesterday i tried the watch accuracy app to see how well my watches run. I don't know how accurate the app is but everything looked realistic and all...

Let's talk about Charlie Paris

Especially their Concordia line, there is a lot to like there! The Concordia diver: the Concordia GMT: and my personal favorite, the Concordia sports...

How original are these San Martins?

Saw these two San Martins and thaught they are quite nice but how original is their design?

Wolbrook nailed it, again!

After being very happy with how well made and well specced the first Skindiver from Wolbrook turned out i'm tempted to get their Skindiver II since it...

Which looks best?

If we ignore everything and just look at their visuals, which is your favorite?

Underrepresented watches

Everyone knows a watch or two they think deserve a lot more publicity. For me the Nivada F77 is one of them. It fits perfectly into the integrated spo...

Strap/bracelet poll: Dive watches

What is your favorite for a dive watch?