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How important is water resistance to you?

305 votes

In search of the ultimate jubilee bracelet

Hi all, I鈥檓 looking to replace the bracelet on my Islander Manhasset. I love the watch, and I love that the bracelet has solid end links, but I鈥檓 not...

Is there a company that exists for general watch maintenance?

Assume that all you need is a cheap movement replaced, or something like that. Do there exist companies like this, who you can just mail your timepiec...

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commented on My first "real" watch


commented on Best Nautilus/Royal Oak Alternatives?

I can appreciate that these are popular watches, but the style to me is so ugly. I鈥檇 pick none of them.

commented on Passover Seder Watch


commented on Passover Seder Watch

Bro has the rawlecks with his manischewitz

commented on Do you ever feel alone in this Hobby??

I do feel that way sometimes, but that鈥檚 what the internet is for.

commented on 5 Reasons I鈥檓 Excited For The Decline of Mechanical Watches

I want some of what you鈥檙e smoking

commented on Who is your favorite watch related you tuber?

They make you go, 鈥渉aha鈥? Laugh out loud?

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Watches you鈥檇 love to own, but doubt you could pull off?

For me, it鈥檚 the Islander Northport. That seafoam dial is crazy cool, but my wrists are pretty small and I don鈥檛 know if I could pull off such an 鈥渋n...

Are you more of a bracelet or leather strap person?

107 votes

What鈥檚 a dead giveaway that you鈥檙e NOT dealing with a 鈥渨atch person鈥?

When you interact with someone and the topic is watches, what clues you in that the person you鈥檙e talking to isn鈥檛 big on or doesn鈥檛 know much about w...

How large is this community really?

I see a lot of the same faces and people here. Are we really that big of a circle jerk, or are my posts just not reaching a lot of other users?

How are people not embarrassed to wear rep watches?

To be clear, I am not talking about homages (that is a separate conversation). I鈥檓 talking about outright carbon copies of existing watches. How can p...

Roman numerals on the dial鈥攐ut of style?

I鈥檓 looking at this vintage Datejust, and I love it, but the Roman numerals I鈥檓 not too sure about. I don鈥檛 know if it鈥檒l be gaudy or out of style. Wh...