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How to build a relationship with an Authorized Dealer?

I am fairly new to the watch world and got a serious question: For a lot of watches you need a good relationship with an AD to be even considered as a...

Did I just get "The Call"?? Oh my word, I just got the call!

But first, let's rewind. For those that don't want the back story: my AD emailed me to say I can buy an Air King. That's it. Those who do want it, rea...

New Stuff for Watch Lovers

Been working on getting some new products and new designs out for my fellow watch enthusiasts. So far I’ve been able to push out a couple wall clocks....

What are our Crunchers thoughts on Baumé and Mercier

I work for an AD in Australia for a couple of watch brands. One of them being Baumé and Mercier. I’m kind of curious what the watch community especial...

1 Year Anniversary

This week marks 1 full year I’ve been in business as I’ve bought 65 watches. Some new, some old, some junk, some great. I’ve sold 28....

Finally made it into an AD, a great time was had

Of course the only pictures I got were of the Rolex’s and these funky MiB edition venturas, even tho I went to try on a Moonwatch. Gotta say the Moonw...

Straps! Straps! Straps!

Pretty excited I just became a StrapsCo dealer! I’m placing my first order Friday the 9th of September. If you’ve been eyeing a new strap let me know...

Looking at Watches While Traveling in Europe

So, I'm in Europe at the moment, mostly in Germany, and I took advantage of local jewelers to look at some watches "in the metal". I must say it was a...

Rolex Certified Pre-Owned

Rolex rolling out the CPO program was a great decision.  As someone who is a new watch dealer, this I believe will help put a hold on the insane price...

Memories of Austin Kaye?

When I used to commute into Charing Cross Station this second hand watch emporium was a magnet to me. I along with a least a couple of others would ha...