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Do you reset your bezel?

Simple question today that may be a fun discussion, do you reset your bezel or let it ride where you last set it to time something? For me, depends on the watch, on the pictures SRPD, the single lume...

Which watch do you own that you never thought you would?

Heard this question on AFT, thought it could be a fun topic here. Be it a high end piece crafted of unobtainium by Swiss monks in the hidden temples o...

Have you been to an AD?

I鈥檝e never stepped foot in an AD, even to browse. I don鈥檛 have much free time to visit malls, which is where the closest ADs are to me (King of Prussia Mall in PA, actually) and all my browsing is lim...

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GotTheTime commented on Watch Wrist Placement

I keep it loose 馃

GotTheTime commented on Every serious watch enthusiast should take a watch making "experience" course

I also wanted to get some oils as well so I don鈥檛 put everything back together dry, but couldn鈥檛 figure out where a good place to start would be.

I鈥檒l look into picking one of those up tho. I have also heard that large pocket watch movements are a good starting point, given the larger scale.

GotTheTime commented on Every serious watch enthusiast should take a watch making "experience" course

I bought it with the intention to tear down and see how it works, get a feel for the sizes of everything, and make my mistakes on something broken. I have a running one that I have not had the time to do an R&R on.

GotTheTime commented on Every serious watch enthusiast should take a watch making "experience" course

Yep! I buy cheap broken seikos to tear down and then fail at reassembling. It鈥檚 great fun lol

GotTheTime commented on Gar莽on, one cream dial please, and hold the bezel

Wow, that鈥檚 a gorgeous piece, love it!

GotTheTime commented on Urgent dilemma. I got the call


GotTheTime commented on Old Rolex Catalogue from 2005

I was just about to say, that鈥檚 Nick Cages signature piece!

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I made my own watch stand from a cardboard tube, a drum stick and broken piston from a big block chevy, and it has lume

I had a silly Idea and with just used things I had laying around. None of it is new, was all essentially trash, but funny enough the components mostly...

Lume shots tho?

I took a few shots of my SRPD in the dark a few days ago and have been sitting on them waiting for a chance to post them in a thread. It occurs to me...

Just finished up my first chapter ring mod!

It was nerve wracking handling my loose movement out of the case, but I am so stoked with the results! Now it truely feels like MY watch. Shout out to...

Just dropped my Seiko 5 onto concrete鈥 (it actually survived tho!)

Edit: It actually did survive this drop, it just seemed to have stopped the balance wheel or something, it has been running good for about 6 mo since...

What are some strap/bracelet/band manufacturers and dealers a newbie should know?

There seems to be a ton of garbage out there, so what are the go-to shops the check out? I don鈥檛 want to support Amazon if I don鈥檛 have to, and I don鈥...

What鈥檚 the roughest thing you do while wearing your mechanical watch?

I wanna hear some extremes of how you abuse your watches, like that welders Rolex GMT restoration video. If you don鈥榯 beat up any of your watches, wha...

Hello from a new enthusiast.

Hey all, happy to join the community here, as I have lots to learn, and mostly the way I can enjoy these wonderful machines is vicariously through oth...