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Watchmaster Robbery

A Berlin storage facility used by Watchmaster has been robbed in Berlin, totaling about 2200 watches worth $14.5 million. See further detail here: htt...
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This is what happens when somebody calls you while modding...

... and you have to take the call. I was actually supposed to work, but work was slow on a Friday, so why not assemble another watch, since parts just...
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What is in the box?

So, this packet arrived today from China. I was quite perplexed, as I didn't expect a watch or a larger item. Indeed, it was only one watch-related it...
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hbein2022 commented on I Did The Unthinkable 馃槀馃

With a 40mm case, would that be a WD-40?

hbein2022 commented on I Did The Unthinkable 馃槀馃

Looks like the Invicta pricing model.

hbein2022 commented on I Did The Unthinkable 馃槀馃

I bet that's a Rolex alternative...

hbein2022 commented on Tag Heuer misaligned chapterring

I think you need to contact Ryan Gosling and complain about "his" watch.馃槈

hbein2022 commented on Will dress watches ever make a comeback?

I remember my paternal grandfather wearing a suit in most encounters I had with him. He would take off his tie around close family only. This was caused by a strong wish to distinguish himself from his working-class roots. It was definitely sending a very clear message, and he wasn't in a business that required him to wear that suit. I have a picture of him with me on a nature walk, him in his suit, hat, and with a walking cane.

With a suit becoming a prerequisite of doing business, this class distinction faded to a large degree. (Even though the type of suit surely mattered.)

Even pre 2k the suit situation was tricky, surely required on the East Coast, the West Coast was a different story, and the business casual much harder to get right. I'm at work right now, wearing a black dress shirt, grey dress pants, and dress shoes, and I'm completely overdressed, except for another manager across from me.

I tried a suit before, but that went as far as people not recognizing me. Even senior management may show up in a polo and jeans. What can I say? It remains interesting.

I think peer pressure outweighs tradition in most cases. The clothes you wear are an identifier of the group you want to belong to. My kids don't wear watches, and smartwatches are more or less tools, primarily used as fitness trackers.

Where does that leave the dress watch?聽

hbein2022 commented on Will dress watches ever make a comeback?

I would say that it would be a comeback of sorts, keeping in mind that the dress watch was truly popular during the 20th century. A dressy watch was the first choice for me when I looked for my first real watch even in the 1980s. But from the 1960s (sports watches) and 1980s (digital watches), the dress watch became less popular.聽

These days a dress watch, at least as far as the general population is concerned, ranks behind "no watch", a smartwatch (incl. fitness tracker, G-Shock, Garmin, etc.), and sports watches. I think the reason is fairly simple, meaning that men don't wear suits. Men generally don't dress up the way they used to, and their watch also reflects that change.

hbein2022 commented on Will dress watches ever make a comeback?

That's actually a good question. A regular diver probably looks to "toolish" and not fancy enough. The fashion brands pushed minimalism, complications, or bling to make the watch look expensive.聽

Which is why I don't think the regular understated dress watch will make a comeback anytime soon.聽

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Sea-Gul Army One (54) Watch

At first I had no idea what this watch was about. It's a little pricier than most entry level Chinese watches around 300 USD. The texture of the dial...
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WSJ notices trend towards smaller watches

The Wall Street Journal ( ) notices in this weekend edition's ar...
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Welcome to the Dark Side of Modding

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Review of the Tissot PRX 35mm Quartz

I wanted to follow up with the review of the Tissot PRX, which I had received not quite a week ago. While I had talked about it briefly, I wanted to g...

Tissot PRX 35mm

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My 35mm PRX just arrived ...

... and I will just say two things: a) It truly reflects the watch design of the 80s. (My wife thought it was a Seiko at first.) Here compared to my S...
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Looking at my watch while waiting for watches ...

So, parts are coming from China. They made it out of China in a few days, arrived in the US in about a week, and have moved around US warehouses for t...
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And yet another home build ... with hands I hadn't planned for.

And I just got another home build done on a slow Friday. The dial is from Crystal Time, and I just loved it when I first saw it, but I had no real ide...
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