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On 2824-based Modding - Part 3

So, I was quite happy with my build that I described in 2824-based Modding - Part 2 . After that I took things slowly. I wanted to start with a really...

On 2824-type Modding - Part 2

This is a continuation of On 2824-type Modding - Part 1 after I have received the case. This is a field watch style case that I had ordered from AliEx...

On 2824-type Modding - Part 1

Now, it wasn't that long ago that I purchased the ST2130 on AliExpress, just to find out what building a mod with this type of movement would be like....

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commented on First Watch Build ·

I'd recommend it as a fun activity, not as quality watch.

Namoki normally sells rather high-quality cases and components. I would keep practicing. After a few builds you will be able to make a watch that works for you in every way, including the quality.

commented on Why would you buy that when you could have had this ·

I think there are two dynamics at play here:

a) People like to reassure themselves that they made the right decision by asking others to make the same decision. It's also possible that they are truly happy about the outcome.

b) It's common to project one's own preferences onto others. ("I really like this, so my buddy will like it also.")

Those two aspects are perfectly normal human behavior.

Where I draw the line if somebody questions these things after the fact. The watch has been bought, and if you are happy, you are happy. Nothing good can come from revisiting that decision. It's perfectly normal to ask people to drop the issue.

P.S.: YouTube is also an environment where you can post the most benign subject, yet somebody gets triggered by it.

commented on SCAM ALERT ·

I wouldn't have watched it, either. However, I'm familiar with that story, and it is not complete without noting that the current brand is a restart of the previous "Meccaniche Veneziane".

commented on In your opinion from those of you who have worn/used these watches. Which one is an overall better watch? ·

This question is like asking whether hot dogs or ice cream is the better food, meaning you are comparing different categories.

The selling point of the Seiko Presage is the dial. If you love that look, that's what you get, with few other frills.

The Speedtimer is a relatively expensive quartz watch. From a functional perspective it is hard to beat.

The PRX is a somewhat edgy design with an integrated bracelet, which is a look you really need to like. The 40mm version may be tricky to pull off depending on the wrist size. I do like my 35mm quartz version, but it really is a one-trick pony, and it is all about that retro design.

If this is a question about a first watch you wear every day, I would go with the Speedtimer.

commented on On 2824-based Modding - Part 3 ·

Right, there are also some around $40 that seem to be made particularly for the 2824, with the brass ring in the back, that allows you to screw in the tabs that hook into the recess in the case.

This would become an option if I decided to make 5 watches in a row. 👍

commented on On 2824-based Modding - Part 3 ·

Thank you. That is probably not a bad idea. If I like a particular type of case, I could take a look at the wholesale side of things.

commented on Do you set your watch? ·

Checked my watch this morning, and it was one second fast. Why would I go through the effort of setting it?

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