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hbein2022 ·

Watch problem that gave me a chuckle...

Okay, here is one that gave me a chuckle today: I have this watch I practice on, basically a Chinese case with an NH35, another aftermarket dial, and...
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hbein2022 ·

Seiko SRPD73K2 Review

This is my first SRPD, even though I already own an SRPE53 and an SRPG27, as well as other dive watches with NH35 movements. So I figured, I might own...
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hbein2022 ·

Talk me out of yet another Seiko

Me: "Hello Group!" Group: "Hello, what's your name?" Me: "My name is Marty, and I own too many Seikos." Group: "No worries, we won't judge you. But we...
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hbein2022 commented on Fun Watch Friday - rebel scum edition ·

Ooh, I like! Very playful!

hbein2022 commented on Your Brand Here ·

JOKK would sound good, until you attach a strap to it.

hbein2022 commented on Your favorite and or best wrist shot / action shot / watch photography ·

Watch straps to facilitate teething ... makes perfect sense. 😉

hbein2022 commented on Yes, no or kind of cheesy bro ? ·

Agreed, it depends on the clothes. Then again, it's not hard to pair it with simple t-shirt, jeans, and maybe some white Vans. 

hbein2022 commented on What to do? An update. ·

Looks like a Lucius Atelier textured dial. You know, the markers are only lightly attached to textured dial, right? Or to quote their disclaimer:

Note: Minute markers are gently applied onto the dial with adhesive and will come off if touched. Please ensure you take great care when working with this dial and avoid touching the minute markers. Due to difficulty working with this dial, this dial is ONLY recommended for professional watchmakers and highly skilled/experienced modders with great level of finesse.

hbein2022 commented on Battery operated watches stop working on some people. ·

So, I did my undergrad in theoretical physics, and it's been nearly 30 years since I busted out the good ol' Maxwell's Equations and Lorentz Force Laws, and if somebody held a gun to my puppies' heads, and said, "Solve these partial differentials or your dogs gets it," I'd have to say good-bye to my beloved miniature schnauzers.  

Ah yes, I can still remember my first Hamiltonian like it was yesterday. 😀

hbein2022 commented on Your favorite and or best wrist shot / action shot / watch photography ·

Now, now...it wasn't my Ferrari. But yes, you would see them in front of the restaurants on a Friday night in Walnut Creek. And no, nothing quite as exciting as the witness protection program, but it was a conscious change.  Once you figure out that there is a working public school system where I live now, how much lower the overall cost of living truly is, and that you can maintain nearly the same money once you are professionally established, the lifestyle in Ohio becomes extremely relaxed.

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hbein2022 ·

Ugly Watch Company 300m Diver MOP (white) Review

So, my birthday is coming up, and I decided to order my present, which thankfully arrived early. I have a number of diver-style watches, but nothing b...
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hbein2022 ·

Shinola Runwell Chrono 41mm Review

I'm not sure if too many here are familiar with the Shinola brand. It is essentially a Detroit-based microbrand that bought the Shinola label, which r...
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hbein2022 ·

Casio G-Shock AWR-M100-1A) Review

So, this is my first ever G-Shock, or even my first Casio for that matter. I wanted a watch that I could wear on my daily runs through the woods close...
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hbein2022 ·

How to Resist the Siren Call of the Grey Market Site

So, it's a Saturday morning, you've just checked the news, and then select that familiar bookmark of a grey market site. You scroll a little, and ther...
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hbein2022 ·

TAG Heuer Connected

Had to take my son to urgent care, and the urgent care doctor had obviously matched the color of his watch strap to the color of his shoelaces. (brigh...
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hbein2022 ·

Overcoming your Childhood

It was a rainy Saturday in the spring of 1988. My maternal grandmother accompanied me on a trip to the city, as she was determined that the child need...
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hbein2022 ·

Seiko SRPE53 Review

I had a gap in my collection, because I had lost a Seiko Kinetic with a blue dial due to some stupid error on my part. (Let's not talk about that.) Bu...
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