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CrunchTrek - USS Canon

@SpecKTator This is the USS Canon. Built and maintained by the incredible engineer @BadgeHoarder It’s a terrific battleship operated by a group of mis...

PSA Intercessor

If you’ve been eyeing an Intercessor and noticed the listing has changed to pre order, allow me to explain. Due to an overwhelming amount of feedback...

Vostok woes

Been wearing my Amphibia a few days and noticed that it seems to only have a 12-16 hour power reserve. I’ll have to do some investigating. I’m thinkin...

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commented on watchgeek24's WRUW ·

Thank you!

commented on PSA Intercessor ·

The cyclops will still be available.

commented on Photography Friday 📸 ·

Thanks. I really do appreciate it.

commented on Mr.Santana's WRUW ·

@Mr.Santana isn’t building these or affiliated at all. I have always appreciated his content on here, when I seen he was building a YouTube channel at the same time I’m building watches, it just made sense to me. When he agreed to do an unbiased review I literally took the Watch off my wrist, wiped it down and shipped it.

commented on Mr.Santana's WRUW ·

Thanks! I’m glad you like it.

commented on Mr.Santana's WRUW ·

Thanks so much. I’ll send you an email soon.

commented on Mr.Santana's WRUW ·

There’s a few layers to why I chose a chi rho in the Third Watch logo. I am Christian and I want that to be shown. However I don’t like when companies use religion as a marketing strategy.

The story of Constantine, and the origins of the chi-rho is amazing. Roman history in general is pretty fascinating, and appreciated by people who aren’t Christian as well.

I feel it’s a good way to demonstrate who I am, my values and beliefs, without excluding people who have different religious views.

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What’s your favorite insert?

There’s too many options to make a poll. What’s your favorite bezel insert? Ceramic, aluminum, fully lumed or just a pip, 12 hour, 24 hour, 60 minute…...

Not a watch but super happy

After the alarm in my phone let me down twice in a row, it was obvious I needed a real alarm clock. Found this little guy on Amazon for $10 and I’m ju...

Fixed the Tudor commercial

Really I think this can apply to any brand 🤣 🤣

Rolex Opportunity

I’ve been offered a Rolex Submariner 126610. It’s outside of my reach, and really I like to focus my store on watches under $500. That said it is a bu...

Finally some sunshine!!!

Still a bit chilly out but hey I’ll take it. First outdoor pics I’ve taken with some good natural lighting.

Third Watch Meetup

Just getting together to grab a cup of coffee and talk about watches.
Apr 13
Muskegon, MI, US
Sat, April 13 · 10:00 AM EDT