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What’s your next 3 watches?

Just curious what are peoples next 3 watches? Some can’t even think of what their next watch will be, that’s why I’m increasing the range to 3 that yo...

I’m getting distracted. Should I buy another Seiko?

Lads, I’m getting distracted. I thought I was being a good boy, staying away from Watch Forums, and being focused saving up for my Prospex SPB143J div...

Seiko Prospex GMT: Overpriced or Upmarket?

Hello crunchers, watch nerds, whatever floats your boat, I have a little question for you guys today. What are everyone’s thoughts on the Seiko Prospex GMT. I was walking to work today and decided to...
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commented on Gshock helped cut down a tree and plant a new one 😆 ·

Oh interesting. Will consider if I ever buy back the watch again. I’m now in and out of the integrated bracelet phase. There is one watch I want to get that has that look but it will steal my other watch money so idk. It’s a Baumé et Mercier Clifton. Only reason I’m not considering it seriously because I don’t know how often I’ll wear it. I love the watch, I’ve seen it in person as I work with this brand, but to me it’s a party watch, not a daily wearer. For that reason that’s why I’m reluctant to pull the trigger.

commented on Gshock helped cut down a tree and plant a new one 😆 ·

I was thinking about it, which is why I bought this exact variant. The indices for this is blacked out but still has lume pips on the end compared to yours. The other resin variant has full like across the indices, but I decided not to build it because it was just too large on my wrist. The CasiOak mod would be 45mm+ in diameter, far too chunky for my 6.4 inch wrist.

commented on Mid-day coffee ·

Most likely you got to find second hand market if you’re interested. Most PANERAI watches from what I’ve heard weren’t produced and sold in large quantity, which makes sense. They are quite a hefty change and is a more acquired taste compared to brands like Omega, Rolex, IWC etc.

I like the PAM1048 and the PAM512

commented on SKX007 Mod ·

What Jubilee bracelet did you buy? Uncle Seiko? Or Strap co?

commented on Gshock helped cut down a tree and plant a new one 😆 ·

I would call it a summer time watch. Which is quite true because I bought it at spring and sold it during fall. Loved the watch, but I think I preferred the industrial look of the GM5600 for me. I think if I’ve gotten the GM2100 variants I may have kept it, really liked the blue metal variant

commented on What’s your next 3 watches? ·

Formex Essence 39 is one of the strongest contenders of watches I want to buy but I’m too scared to. I know I’ll love it when I wear it, but I haven’t bring myself the courage to part ways with my PRX, and the fear I may not be able to resell it. If those concerns doesn’t bothered you, buy it. The other watch running for the same category as that is the Baumé et Mercier Riveria 39mm. Price point is almost doubled but it’s a beautiful integrated bracelet watch, though for me it’ll be much cheaper because I work sell Baumé and I can get staff discount 😊

commented on What’s your next 3 watches? ·

Ohhh traska is a cool brand, saw one

Of their piece on the YouTube, pretty cool

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