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7.09” / 18.00 cm Wrist
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A Christmas Day Blue Watch Monday NWA!

Been after this one for a little while, when they initially teased the colour on Instagram back in the summer. Actually bought it way before Christmas...

The very first customer Vario 1918 Pilot

If you've read any of my posts before, you may note I like to tell a story. Let's get into it then. I can't remember exactly when or how I first came...

Did I just get "The Call"?? Oh my word, I just got the call!

But first, let's rewind. For those that don't want the back story: my AD emailed me to say I can buy an Air King. That's it. Those who do want it, rea...

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commented on MrMonkey's WRUW ·

Love it, just wish it were a 40mm

commented on timepiece.pete's WRUW ·

I concur

commented on Air King ·

Yes! THE king 👑

commented on watch.geek's WRUW ·

Ooh, more pics please! I'm tempted to get one myself. Is it quick release or not? How well does the end of the strap fit the case side between the lugs with it's dodgy shape?

commented on No watches (part 2) ·

Bloody love the Air King! 👑

commented on Trends in my watch collecting ·

Wait, so if half were under 500 and the other half were 500-2500, then all of them were 2500 or under.

What a weird way of putting it.

commented on What are some non traditional bracelets? ·

That Breitling Chronomat bracelet is the single most comfortable I've ever tried!


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What watch are you wearing for New Year's Eve?

Simple question, let me know in the comments. Will it be just whatever you happen to be wearing that day? Are you doing something that dictates which...

How do you store your straps?

Simple question, probably not a simple answer. I'm looking for a way to store and organise straps (and maybe bracelets), so looking for suggestions. I...

Help me remove this bracelet please!

I think on the whole I prefer a bracelet to a strap. But that doesn't mean I'm not open to trying different things. I got a bunch of new straps the ot...

Munich Watch Fair - in pictures.

My second visit this year to the Munich Watch fair, I figure I can give a little write up for others to see. I didn't get there til about half 2, so s...

Nearly scammed into buying a FAKE???

Edit: check the comments, the watch pictures were clearly just stolen from the web! I started looking for a circa 2010 Longines Spirit. I went to the...