Is this Fake? They started to make fake Grand Seikos now??

Is this fake? Somebody sells this watch with quite a very low price. I have a hunch this is fake.


Grand Fake-o's

As CNC and other tech gets cheaper and cheaper, it鈥檚 gonna get real hard to tell fakes, and there will be a ton more of em (saw this said by one of them influence people on the Tube).

They make fake Seiko Alpanist鈥o I鈥檓 sure there are fake Grand Seikos. Whatever will make them money they will copy.

The accompanying packaging is certainly unusual for GS unless they now have a new emphasis on beach chic?

Presumably it is portending to be a SBGP009?

I haven鈥檛 bothered to check the case back but the printing of 鈥淕rand Seiko鈥 seems weak and thin to me. Obviously one is professionally photographed and the other not but the edges of the indices, hands and pinion cap also don鈥檛 look as sharp as they should be.

And certainly the knurling on the crown is very different.

I don鈥檛 think I would be an enthusiastic buyer.


Looks like a SBGX295, which should be about $1200-$1300 USD on the pre-owned market. How much are they asking? Have them show a picture with the back cover removed, the 9F quartz movement or lack thereof would be a sure sign weather it's genuine or not.


Grand Fake-o's

I LOL'd! Good one!


Yes, they certainly make fake Grand Seikos. If you want unbranded dials of GS designs you will have to specifically look for them on AliExpress, as there are so many with the GS logo.

I would assume it is false unless proven otherwise. Almost all popular Seiko watches also exist as fakes.

This is why we can't have nice things...

Buy from an AD, reputable grey market dealer, or personal friend, or don't buy at all at this price point.

At this very instant there's an ad of Marketplace for fake GS's (and Rolex, Tudor, etc). At least they're not advertising them as real, at least. I suppose that's something...

Grand Seiko fake dials are all over are the hands and cases to put a NH35 under it all.

Yeah - you have to be VERY CAREFUL, especially with quartz. If they can open the car back you鈥檒l know right away. Good luck!!!