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New Old School

Haven’t had one like this in decades. The aesthetic appealed to me and the price was right. So much goodness packed in here. Now I need to go read the...
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Have never reviewed a watch because I never felt I had the vocabulary for it. Even the watches I like most, like my GS, I could only describe as “real...
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Vostok Switcheroo

Finally gave up on the manual wind Komandirskie. Janky is one thing, but just not being able to wind it most days is too much. Ordered up an automatic...
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TickyBurden commented on My Latest Acquisition ·

You won’t find it too small, I promise. I’d bet real money you’ll love it.

TickyBurden commented on Another brilliant Baltany ·

I am engaged in a long flirtation with this watch. On and off my wish list, with other watches leapfrogging it. At some point, the linen dial craving will be irresistible, and I’ll order it up and join the club. Until then, enjoy yours!

TickyBurden commented on Ones that got away… ·

Every day, I let the cream/champagne dial version of that GS get away. I look for it. I look at it. I don’t buy it. I only hope I can find it when I am finally in a position to make the move.

TickyBurden commented on Boston Meetup ·

Can we do it in three hours? I live three hours outside Boston but we’re coming in today with our son to see his Canadiens play the Bruins on his 16th birthday.

Probably not. Maybe if my 18 year old decides on Boston for college next year I’ll come in for the 2024 GTG. Until then, have fun!!

TickyBurden commented on You stalk people's wrists all the time ·

I agree, but whenever I make a statement like that that sounds good to me, I repeat it with the words “Your Honor” at the end, and it never sounds quite as persuasive.

TickyBurden commented on Is it to small? ·

Not too small.

TickyBurden commented on New Bulova Precisionist ·

Nice. Enjoy. I have one of these also. While I love that sweep, I can’t quite cotton to the look of the thing. May try a new strap and see.

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Can’t Stop With The HMTs

The penultimate purchase with my Hanukkah gift money. Took a month to arrive. Cheap and cheerful. Sorry for the Formexpilot tag. It’s some kind of gli...
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Tactile Aspects of Watch Preference

I don’t have friends who are into watches, and have a limited local AD access. While beauty is in the beholder‘s eye, there must be some beloved watch...
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New Strap

The watch I’ve had longest. Graduation present received in 1995. Have never worn it much. Not my kind of dressy, and the lack of a third hand made it...
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Rabbit Hole #2 Complete

Just got the yellow one today. Takes me back to buying all the colors at the penny candy store (a big deal when Dad is a dentist 😁). I hope this is al...
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Rabbit Hole #1 Complete

Never heard of Kinetics until a month ago. Now I have the three I wanted. Reasonably priced, cool technology, and also beautiful. Never thought I’d li...
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Muggle Misery!

I’ve always felt that finding the exact stem position permitting winding of this watch was like finding Platform 9 3/4 at King‘s Cross Station in the...
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Children and Dogs…And Seiko Kinetics

Our dog has emotional issues stemming from abuse, and does best with other dogs around. Last week, I picked up a green Seiko Kinetic that a reviewer c...
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