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Nice Surprise: When your hotel has a watch shop right in the lobby!

Oris, Citizen, Breitling, and Tag. Too bad there’s nothing like college tours for kid number two to make you swear off high-priced watch shopping for...

Keanu and the Krunch’s Excellent Adventure

https://www.watchcrunch.com/BetoMC/posts/john-wick-wearing-his-watch-face-inwards-30436 Just watching “John Wick” for the first time and noticed the w...

Watch Reddit

Just made my first foray into Watch Reddit. It seems to be 90% blurry pictures of watches that people want help to identify. I’m sure I’ll find more c...

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commented on I see what you're doing, San Martin. ·

I now want either this watch or a bowl of black raspberry ice cream…or both!

commented on Thrift store find ·

I was given one as a kid, and my parents let me bring it to school one day. I was so proud. I promised to take care of it, which I did by washing it in the water fountain.


commented on I ordered 1 of these.... for now... ·

Dark blue

commented on Watch enthusiasts IRL ·

She told me to get that damn loupe out of her face!

commented on Watch enthusiasts IRL ·

I married Cloyure. I met her on the new AE dating site. She looks just like Claire…almost.

commented on Watch enthusiasts IRL ·

You have to marry Nancy for five years first.

commented on Nice Surprise: When your hotel has a watch shop right in the lobby! ·

Agree. I went in 86 and 91 to state schools, and it was real money, but this is nuts. My daughter is a freshman and my son will be one next year. We’ve been saving like mad since their births, and it’s still kooky.

Looking at your profile, I see that you’re in CT. We are there right now: Saw UConn today.

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And then there’s Mod

First real mod. Always wanted a “ghost bezel” like a Yacht Master, and have always been tempted to pick up a blue Duro. Decided to have both. Followed...

Tiffany Blue

Mom likes fancy things, and has distinct taste, which makes her hard to shop for. I had no idea what to get her for Hanukkah, and then my brother-in-l...


A gift for my 55th. The odds on my being here were poor for a while, so the celebration is welcome. It feels great and is my kind of gorgeous. I like...

Double Nickel Birthday!

Thanks, Mom. My neighborhood jeweler, not even an Omega AD, just happened to have recently taken this in trade. It was the exact configuration I’ve lo...

Hospital Watch Followup

Here’s the watch I ended up choosing for my soon to be hospitalized loved one in order to stop her from wearing her Rolex into the hospital (even thou...

Kamasu at Last

Bought with the last of my Father’s Day gift allotment. Resisted as I wanted to be sure I wasn’t just buying this to check a box. The more I researche...