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Nato Straps

I love the way Nato straps can change a watch, but I hate the way the wrap around and create a bulge on the outside of my wrist. Does anyone have a go...


What is the case for owning a watch from the brand Fears?


Experienced watch enthusiasts....what's the deal with Panerai. The brand gets very little mention on this site and the general watch press/podcast sph...

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commented on San Martin SN0116 under the microscope

I don鈥檛 know why anyone would want to own a San Martin or Pagani or you name the homage brand. Just be patient, save your money and buy the real thing. It鈥檚 totally worth the wait.

commented on The best value luxury watch in the World鈥hange my mind - Grand Seiko SBGX261 Review

This is a great watch. Period.

commented on HITORI HABUKA

Tell us more about this brand!

commented on Which Model of Calatrava is Best as a Dress Watch?

I鈥檓 in the same boat. Looking for a Calatrava. I鈥檓 leaning hard toward the 6119G because I think it can go up and down the dress scale. That said, I do love the 5226g. Yes, it鈥檚 sportier, but again, I think it fits will all kinds of dress styles. And the dial is super interesting. Thanks for posting and let us know what you decide.

commented on Show me your favorite roman numeral watches. 馃敱


commented on Considering going vintage with a speedmaster

How will you be wearing this watch? That鈥檚 always my dilemma when considering vintage. I want a watch that I can wear鈥.that I don鈥檛 have to baby.

commented on Do you think I made the right call?

Yes鈥he explorer is too big for you. Can鈥檛 go wrong with an OP.

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Does anyone know if there is a Nomos AD in the SF Bay Area?

Red Bar

Is there a Red Bar chapter in the SF Bay Area?

Studio Underdog

Call me crazy, but I think the Studio Underdog pizza watch is dumb鈥.


Hey all鈥..I鈥檝e been in this group for a couple of months and have seen almost no mention of Nomos? What are your thoughts on this brand?

Code 41

Does anyone have an opinion on watches from Code 41? Thanks.

Austin, TX

Hi all鈥..I have to travel to Austin this week on business. Do you know of any quality independent watch dealers in town? Thanks.